HSTR Farming Guide

There are very specific toons and teams that players should farm and gear to make themselves ready for the Heroic Sith Triumvirate Raid.

How to Use This Guide

  • The goal of this is guide is to help players understand the specific toons, their gear, and mods for the different phases of HSTR
  • This is an individual readiness determination
  • A single person having all the teams described in this guide does not mean that a guild is fully-ready for HSTR; the raid is not soloable at this point
  • The best way to be as prepared as possible would be to ready a RJT team and then one other team to be used in the other phases
  • Don’t despair if you don’t have every character listed here at 7* G12. This raid is very tough, but a full guild of focused players can regularly complete it.
  • Be sure to review the full Heroic STR Guide for more specifics on strategies

Other Tools

General Readiness Tool: http://petebutler.co.uk/mrpi/
The Roster Readiness Tool will reference more teams than outlined in this guide, but the major tested teams are all featured

SWGoH.gg squads

Create a different squad for each phase of HSTR

The squads listings will give you a quick overview of where your full teams are including gear, mod sets, zetas, Speed, and team power

Let’s get started! Phase 1: RJT

By Kaitco of Descendants of the Empire
Gaming-fans.com Senior Staff Writer