MSF FoxNext Envoy

The FoxNext Envoy program for Marvel Strike Force is a collection of high level Content Creators across a variety of media platforms. While YouTube is always a popular choice, Twitch streaming, Podcasts and traditional Websites like this one are also fantastic ways to educate oneself about Marvel Strike Force and other games as well.

With the creation of the MSF Envoy program we will now see more exclusive information shared with the community to improve the already solid communication between the developers of Marvel Strike Force and the community. Below we list those trusted member of the Envoy program with links to their content for reference.


Chewburger84 of Alternerd Reality – Along with Bigroyawesome, Chewburger84 hosts the Strike Force: Masters of Launch podcast and is the owner of Alternerd Reality. Visit his YouTube Channel at

Dorian Blade – Dorian is one of the hosts for the popular “Ravager Report” podcast that covers all things MSF related. You can find Dorian on the Ravager Report Discord, and on Twitter @dorianblade1 and @ravagerrepo.

Gaming Fans - – Started in 2016, is a site dedicated to fans of Marvel Strike Force and a handful of other games. The site is run by its Director of Content, LJ, and his awesome staff of MSF players and fans and has featured content from fellow Envoy program members Dorian Blade, DBofficial125 and more. While the YouTube channel is not their focus, in the future you will find a few helpful videos as they instead seek to promote these fine Content Creators in an effort to best serve the MSF community. and their staff is always looking for ways to educate the millions of Marvel Strike Force players across the globe on the intricacies of the game and they are always looking to expand to add other writers with creative ways to educate the MSF community.

Khasino – I’m a fulltime Content Creator for MARVEL Strike Force. I’ve amassed over 500 days played, and I lead a Top 50 Alliance. Twitch Partner. YouTube Partner. Discord Partner. Official CC.

I stream MSF every single day at 1pm PST on

I have a Discord Server of 10,000+ members that anyone can join:

We have Infographics, Blitz Predictions, Content Creator Q&A, and more.

I also have a YouTube channel:

Finally you can follow me on Twitter or Facebook @KhasinoTTV


Mobile Gamer – Mobile Gamer is a long-time member of the video game media covering a variety of games across multiple channels. Known for his MSF content on his OhEmGee channel, Mobile Gamer adds his unique personality to his videos and is often found collaborating with others on this list.

Tony Bing – Tony is the resident Scotsman who specalises in in-depth character reviews and first impressions on new heroes the same day they come out. He has a popular YouTube channel that features content on MSF and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.