SWGoH 101: The Comprehensive Mod Guide

Mods add an extremely thick layer of complexity in an already complicated game.

The goal of this guide is to break down mod stats, how mods work, mod slicing, and how to effectively farm and utilize mods.

Be sure to review our Best Mods guides for the best mods for individual characters.

This guide will review the following:

By Kaitco of Descendants of the Empire
Gaming-fans.com Senior Staff Writer


Mod Basics

Before mods appeared in the game, the same characters always had the same stats at the same gear.

Everyone running 7* Gear 8 QGJ at Level 80 had the same speed, power, health, etc. as everyone else running 7* Gear 8 QGJ at Level 80. Mods create some differentiation within the same stars, gears, and levels, and to create that differentiation, mods all come with varied stats. There are so many different stats and combinations of all mods that it is now virtually impossible to end up with two identical characters.

Mods are broken down into Dots, Levels, Colors/Qualities, Shapes, Sets, Primary Stats, and Secondary Stats.

There are 6 Dots/Rarities, 15 Levels, 5 Colors/Qualities, 6 Shapes, 8 Mod Sets, 11 Primary Stats, and 12 Secondary Stats available for mods, making Mods the single most complex part of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes.

Any character at Level 50+ can have up to 6 individual mods at a time (1 in each shape) and making the most of the added mods is what separates players who perform well in Arena, Galactic War, Raids, and Territory Battles and those who do not.

Credits are used throughout the modding process as they are required to level mods and also to remove mods from one character to add to another character.

The site https://swgoh.gg is an excellent source in reviewing your roster’s applied mods and is a key site in ensuring that your teams always carry your best mods.

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Last Updated: 9/26/18