Territory Wars Guide – Counter Teams

Updates to our Territory Wars offensive counters page are in the works

Countering the Popular Teams

A big part of the Offense Phase is picking the right tools for the job. Above we talked about which teams are great to attack with, and who you should attack, but let’s just recap from the perspective of what teams are popular and which tool you should bring. Note that this is all dependent on the level of your guild and where you are in the game.

SWGoH Territory Wars CountersRemember, always check the speeds of the team you are going to fight, if they are high GP. You will find that many top defensive teams don’t have the best mods and that can give you and edge!

While we work on adding to and updating our Territory Wars counters page, we have added a link to a recent video from CubsFanHan. CFH is a popular YouTuber covering SWGoH and a member of the GameChangers program for the game and always an entertaining guy to watch.


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