Looking for a SWGoH Guild?

Are you looking for a Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Guild to participate in? SWGoH Guilds are the same concept as alliances in other games – basically a team of other players whom you can interact with and battle with. No different than other phone-based games, peer-pressure plays a big role as those who do not do their part often can hold the Guild down. In Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, each user is able to use their battle energy to collect up to 600 Raid Tickets for the Guild which is banked at a set time each day. The Raid tickets are then used towards one of three Raid options – the Rancor Raid, the Tank Takedown Raid and the Sith Triumvirate Raid.

Gaming-fans.com currently worked with the 8-guild Empire Alliance (TEA) for nearly three years and continues to work with the top guild from TEA, Descendents of the Empire, aka DotE, and their retirement guild, RotE. Details are below for anyone looking for a Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Guild to compete in.


Descendents of the Empire (DotE)
Strong guild with solid leadership for those looking to play near the highest levels SWGoH has to offer.
Galactic Power – 230 million
Territory Battles – 29 stars (Geonosis DSTB), 12 stars (Geonosis LSTB)
Territory Wars – Ranked 24th overall in SWGoH
Wat Tambor – 38
Ki-Adi-Mundi – ~3-5
Minimum Player GP – 5 mil
Toon Requirements – Jedi Revan, Darth Revan, General Skywalker and TB-ready Geonosians and Clones
Minimum Tickets – 600/day
Raids – Tier 7 Heroic on all raids
Discord mandatory


Relics of the Empire (RotE)
Casual “retirement” guild made for fun play with some competition for those interested.
GP –
TB Hoth – LS/DS: 32/33
GEO – LS/DS: 3/9
Min Player GP: 3 Mil
Toon requirements: None
Min tickets: None
Raids: Tier 7 Heroic on all raids
HAAT launch times rotated every 4 hours with a 24 join period then FFA. HSTR once or twice a week launch time usually 3pm est Sunday.


Last updated – 1/10/2020
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