Gaming-fans.com is a site that was designed to cover games we love. While I have never been what I consider a hardcore gamer, my self-diagnosed OCD and desire to be able to justify my (rather tame) habits definitely factored into this site’s beginnings. But as I started covering Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes in greater depth, I developed more contacts and relationships in the gaming world and became more and more ingrained in it. Since then we have added coverage of other games I play regularly and I am always open to adding more games if we have the staff to support that game.

Here is a look at the games we cover or have covered in the past:

  • Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes – my favorite game by far, it allows me to consume Star Wars content daily and remain competitive when not coaching my kids in sports.
  • Transformers Earth Wars – this is a game I have played consistently for nearly two years. While the game itself is quite repetitive it has managed to hold my interest at varying levels throughout this time.
  • Harry Potter Wizards Unite – while it has yet to be released, we announced out intention to cover this game heavily and we eagerly await the chance to do so.
  • Pokemon Go! – honestly we only have a few posts about this game and I play casually with my kids, but I like to keep the door open just in case.