Gaming-fans.com is a site that was designed to cover games we love. While I have never been what I consider a hardcore gamer, my self-diagnosed OCD and desire to be able to justify my (rather tame) habits definitely factored into this site’s beginnings. But as I started covering Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes in greater depth, I developed more contacts and relationships in the gaming world and became more and more ingrained in it. Since then we have added coverage of other games I play regularly and I am always open to adding more games if we have the staff to support that game.

Here is a look at the games we cover or have covered in the past:

  • Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes – My all-time favorite game, it allows me to consume Star Wars content daily and remain competitive when not coaching my kids in sports. Recent content challenges and communication breakdowns with EA Capital Games have left this game with their best days behind them.
  • Marvel Strike Force – I started playing this game because of the similarities to SWGoH above and have developed a strong fandom for all things Marvel as a result.
  • Transformers Earth Wars – this is a game I have played consistently for over two years. While the game itself is quite repetitive it has managed to hold my interest at varying levels throughout this time.
  • Harry Potter Wizards Unite – Since long before the game’s release, I announced our intention to cover this game heavily and have enjoyed the game significantly.
  • Avatar: Pandora Rising – Set to be released in the USA in 2020, I have been playing this game since my visit to FoxNext Games in September 2019 in an effort to test the game and provide the studio with feedback.
  • Pokemon Go! – honestly we only have a few posts about this game and I play casually with my kids, but I like to keep the door open just in case.