AAT – Phase 4 Teams & Strategy

The gameplay of the Heroic AAT is considered “old content” by many players, but we at Gaming-fans.com know that it continues to be a challenge for players across the globe. While the game has evolved greatly since the AAT Raid was added to Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, the rewards remain necessary and the characters continue to get stronger. We will look to continue to update this content moving forward, but the challenge to solo the Heroic AAT (HAAT) is where the real focus is in today’s game.

In Phase 4 AAT we once again face the AAT, this time with two B2 Super Battle Droids. The key for success is once again toppling the tank and teeing off on it, but also keeping buffs over each member of your team to handle the air strike that is to come.



Tank Takedown (AAT) Raid Strategy & Teams