Which Characters First? Levels 1-50

Levels 1-50:

Between Levels 1-50, creating synergy between the characters on your five-person team will not be as important as just having a suite of strong characters.

Players should always focus on a single character at a time from any set of gameplay areas.

The main gameplay areas are Light/Dark Side Nodes, Cantina Nodes, Cantina Store, Arena Store, and Galactic War Store. Later, the Guild Store and Fleet Store will become areas of focus as well.

When first starting out, the game will usually unlock the following characters within the first 20-25 levels:

  • Jedi Consular
  • Clones Wars Chewbacca
  • Luke Skywalker (Farmboy)
  • Royal Guard
  • Talia
  • Snowtrooper
  • IG-86
  • Ewok Scout
  • Clone Sergeant

Of these characters, your first Arena team will look something like: Chewbacca (Lead), JC, Ewok Scout, Luke Farmboy, and Clone Sergeant.

Since this is the team that will likely help you beat a lot of people in Arena at first, you may get attached to them and try to focus on getting them to 7* and high levels right away. Don’t do this!

This list of characters can be strong under the right leadership, high gear, and the best mods, but they will not reach that point until end-game and the level cap.

Another impulse in working on characters may be to choose the ones you love most from the movies, shows, games, comics, etc. Don’t do this, either!

No two characters have the same abilities, all characters are set in different classes, and there are multiple iterations of the same character. For example, Stormtrooper Han is different from Han Solo and Captain Han Solo, despite all three still being Han Solo. All three also come from different areas and have completely different ability kits.

Instead, between Level 1 – 50, your character focus should be the following:
Squad Arena Store – Stormtrooper Han or IG-88
Guild Store – Rey or Ewok Elder
Cantina Battles Store – Qui-Gon Jinn or CT-5555 Fives
Galactic War Store – Captain Phasma or Luminara Unduli
Light Side Hard Battles – Rey or Ewok Elder
Dark Side Hard Battles – Boba Fett
Cantina Battles Node – Geonosian Soldier (1A) or Lando Calrissian (1E)

The following can also be farmed through Light/Dark Side Battles (Battle Tiers 1-4):

  • Rey (LS)
  • Ewok Elder (LS)
  • Luminara (LS and DS)
  • Fives (LS and DS)


All of these characters are great starts and many will serve you well straight through to end-game. If you wish to continue working on some of the characters given at the start of the game, only use your Light/Dark Side battles to work on them. The other currencies are far too valuable.

A great starting Arena team could include: Luminara (Lead and Healer), QGJ (Assists and Dispel), STHan (Tank), Lando (Attacker), and Rey (Attacker). Though the team lacks synergy, all characters do their jobs well and will aid in bringing a player below Rank 500 easily.


SWGoH - Ezra BridgerIn your first 50 or so levels, it is best to focus on the following characters, starting with Phase 1, then Phase 2, and Phase 3:
Squad Arena Store(1) STHan or IG-88; (2) Leia or Kanan; (3) Tarkin or Chief Nebit
Guild Store(1) Rey or Ewok Elder; (2) Jawa Engineer or Rex; (3) Jyn or Sun Fac
Cantina Battles Store(1) QGJ or Fives; (2) Old Daka or Chopper; (3) Ahsoka or Poe Dameron
Galactic War Store(1) Phasma or Luminara; (2) Biggs or Zeb; (3) Teebo
Light Side Hard Battles(1) Rey or Ewok Elder; (2) Anakin; (3) First Order TIE Pilot (FOTP) or Royal Guard (RG)
Dark Side Hard Battles(1) Boba Fett; (2) Barriss; (3) FOTP or RG
Cantina Battles Node(1) Geonosian Soldier or Lando; (2) Ezra Bridger or TIE Fighter Pilot (TFP); (3) Wedge

> SWGoH GameChanger Going Nerdy says Ezra Bridger is the most important character in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Click the graphic above to watch his video now!

Remember, it’s always better to work on taking a single character up to 7* from each location, rather than jump from toon to toon or bringing groups of toons up to each start level at once. Having just a single 7* character can allow a player to earn rewards in a guild raid, so it’s important to work on characters individually.


**Special Note about RG, IG-86, and Luke Farmboy: RG and IG-86 are considered “good” characters past mid-tier. That said, they are easily attainable and should not be a first focus. Instead, they should be farmed at the end of a day when seeking to use up energy that is not spent on gear farming.

Luke Skywalker (Farmboy) is a specific character that is required to attain another specific character: Commander Luke Skywalker (CLS). That said, CLS should not be a prime focus at the start of the game as he requires many other characters to fully attain, so Luke Skywalker (Farmboy) should only be farmed as an afterthought across the game.

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Last updated: 10/10/17