SW Jedi Survivor

Star Wars: Jedi Survivor was released on April 28, 2023 as the sequel to the wildly popular Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. Jedi Survivor continues the story of Cal Kestis as he navigates his way across the Star Wars galaxy aboard the Mantis in an effort to weaken the Empire. The story takes place between Episode III and IV of the Star Wars movies, a few years prior to the events of Rogue One. Below we chronicle important points in the Jedi Survivor game and help players with our walkthrough guides while also breaking things down in our Boss Fights which are set to Jedi Grand Master difficulty to help players better understand the nuances of these specific boss battles.


Jedi Survivor Walkthroughs


Boss Fights at Jedi Grand Master difficulty

As we progress through the game you will face several boss fights and we will look to detail each in this series of articles on Star Wars: Jedi Survivor. We are looking to detail these boss fights, on the Jedi Grand Master mode, to better help players like you be more successful. We have these set to the Jedi Grand Master mode simply because we figure that if we can give you details at the game’s difficulty, other battles will be much easier.


Misc. Quests & Adventures