Marvel SF

Marvel Strike Force

Marvel Strike Force

Publisher – Scopely
Platform – Android, iOS
Release Date –  March 28, 2018

Longevity – A
Studio Confidence – A
In-game Performance – B+
Fun/enjoyment – A-
True to IP – A
Game Crashing/Reliability – B+
New/Fresh Content – A+
FTP Friendly – B
Customer Service/Support – B
Downloads & Growth – B
Community Engagement/Feedback – A

Overall Rating – A- Notes – Marvel Strike Force is a game that I began playing at the global release and, oddly enough, is what got me into Marvel content. I did not grow up with comic books and superheroes as a major focus of my childhood, instead it was Star Wars, Transformers and baseball cards. But thanks to the plethora of content in the MCU and this game, I have become a huge fan of the superhero world with Marvel at the center of that.

Developed by Scopely, the company who acquired FoxNext Games from Disney & FOX, and has since rebranded as Boundless Entertainment, Marvel Strike Force has a similar style to SWGoH which is what drew me in, and I have grown to like this way this game is designed and structured while also enjoying the subtle differences of the two games. I find the studio to be MUCH more proactive and communicative than other studios in the gaming industry, and I am a big fan of the near weekly updates from the studio so that the player base knows what is coming in the game. In addition, the constant evolution of the game with new characters and different factions does not allow anyone to simply “catch up” and is rather genius when it comes to a natural money-making game. Overall, I find Marvekl Strike Force to be an incredibly enjoyable game, albeit a bit pricey on the Pay To Play side, but I am confident that they have many great days ahead of them with this title.

– LJ, Director of Content,, Revised December 2021


After acquiring in early 2019, is becoming a go-to for Marvel Strike Force content. With game expansions and additional game modes always in the works, the team at FoxNext is hard at work to bring us the next big updates to the game. With a track record of huge success, FoxNext is set to launch Avatar: Pandora Rising in 2020 as well, so you can rest assured that will continue to bring you some of the best Mobile Game coverage of these titles as well as others.