Which Characters First? TL;DR Character Farm Lists

TL;DR Character Farm List:

As a reminder, it is always better to work on taking a single character up to 7* from each location, rather than jump from toon to toon, or bringing groups of toons up to each of the star levels at once.

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TL;DR Farm List (in order):

Stable Areas:
Squad Arena Store – STHan, Leia, Kanan, Tarkin, IG-88, Nebit, Ackbar, HK-47
Cantina Battles Store – Boba*, Chopper, Daka*, QGJ, Fives*, Hoth Scout, Poe*, FO Officer, Jawa Scavenger
Galactic War Store – Biggs*, Zeb, Lumi*, Phasma, Dathcha, Teebo, K-2SO, IG-86
Light Side Hard Battles – Rey, RG, Anakin*, FOTP, Finn, Shore, Baze
Dark Side Hard Battles – Boba, Barriss, Hoth Soldier, FOTP, RG, Jawa, Nihilus
Cantina Battles Node – Lando, Ezra, Hera, TFP, Wedge, Old Ben, Farm Luke, Anakin, KRU, Kylo, CH Solo, Geo Soldier

Varying Stores:
Guild Store – Jyn, Rey*, Jawa Engineer, Rex, Maul, Res Trooper, Starck, Sith Assassin, Sun Fac, B2
Fleet Store – Boba*, Vader, Ezra*, Wedge*, Chirrut, Rex, Maul, Tarkin, Sun Fac
Guild Events Store – Hermit Yoda, Wampa, Baze, Chirrut, Jyn

(*) Character also available through LS/DS or Cantina Node; Farm through Node prior to Store


Why X before Y?

Have questions about why some characters are recommended before others? See some of these answers to common questions:
Why STHan and Leia before Kanan? – Two of the most powerful characters in the game are Commander Luke Skywalker and Grand Admiral Thrawn. Thrawn is unlocked only with Phoenix characters, while CLS requires exactly R2, Leia, STHan, Farm Luke, and Old Ben all at 7* to unlock.

While Thrawn’s Legendary Event reappears on a semi-regular schedule, the CLS event can reappear at odd times throughout the year. As Leia and STHan are both regularly used in HAAT as well as in mid-tier Arena, and considering that CLS only unlocks at 7* while Thrawn can be unlocked at 5*, it’s advisable to focus on STHan and Leia as early as possible.

Why Boba before Chopper and Chopper before QGJ? – Once upon a time in SWGoH, QGJ was orignally the first go-to character for all players to attain through the Cantina Store. While QGJ is pivotal in running a full Jedi squad, has a fanastic zeta lead, and is excellent for soloing Heroic Pit Raid, his early use has become more limited in favor of characters that can provide more.

All farms from Cantina Store are longer than the other stores and since Chopper is extremely useful, if not required, in gaining Thrawn, it is advisable to unlock Chopper and get him to at least 5* early in the game.

Boba Fett is part of a small faction of Scoundrels and Bounty Hunters. While Bounty Hunters should not be an early focus in the game until Dark Side Territory Battles, Scoundrels are required to complete the Credit Heists. Boba takes 80 shards to unlock at 4* and can do well to assist players with Credit Heists (along with Lando) well into end-game.

Why Old Ben and Farm Luke before Anakin? – Old Ben and Farm Luke are both required at 7* to unlock CLS. While CLS remains an end-game focus for players, Old Ben is a formidable tank that can be used into mid-tier Arena.

Anakin’s Cantina node is hard to complete for newer players, takes a while to unlock, and has lower perceived drop rates. Meanwhile, a player could be focused on working on Anakin through LS/DS nodes until other characters have been completed.

Why no Sabine? – Sabine is available through one DS Hard Battle node and through the Guild Events Store. While five Phoenix characters are required to unlock Thrawn, and while Sabine is a key player on a full G11+ Phoenix team for HAAT, Sabine’s farm takes almost as long as other characters that have just a single LS/DS node. All Guild Events Store currency should be utilized on Hermit Yoda and Wampa before anything else and then, after other recurring characters and ships in the store are completed at 7*, Guild Events currency should be spent on high level gear. Sabine should be one of the last characters players should begin to farm.

Why is Wedge 5th in Cantina? – Wedge takes a while to unlock. Players should focus on a wider breadth of character useful across the events prior to Wedge, who should be a focus after acquiring Biggs.

Why isn’t Hoth Rebel Soldier first? – Like all characters that are only available through a single LS/DS Node, Hoth Soldier is a very long farm. While he is a requirement for multiple Phases of Territory Battles – Hoth, his use elsewhere in the game is extremely limited. As such, it is not advisable for newer players to start off games by farming him ahead of more useful characters.


Best and Worst Lists

Note: Legendary characters not listed

Best Overall Early Characters to Farm: Wedge, Biggs, Ezra, Lando, TFP, STHan, Leia, Anakin, Boba, QGJ, Fives, IG-88, KRU

Honorable Mention: RG, Daka, Lumi, Sun Fac, Rey, Phasma, IG-86

Hard Farms, but the best toons: Shoretrooper, Baze, Chirrut, Darth Nihilus, Jyn, Sith Assassin, Sith Trooper, B2, FOTP

Farm for specific use only: Hera, Kanan, Chopper, Zeb, Tarkin, Cody, Clone Sergeant, Echo, Old Ben, Farm Luke

Territory Battles – Hoth required: Hoth Rebel Soldier, Hoth Rebel Scout, Captain Han Solo, Starck, Snowtrooper, Veers

Easy farm, but needs a Zeta to be great: Kylo, Savage, Dooku, Finn, Barriss

Hard farms, and needs a Zeta: Maul, Vader

Only farm if desperate: Eeth Koth (Yoda), Cad Bane (Credit Heist), Geo Spy (Ship), Plo Koon (Yoda, Ship)

Please don’t farm us, ever*: Gam Guard, CUP, JKG, Mob Enforcer
(*)List subject to change as the game develops


Last updated: 2/16/18