Commanders are a key element of Avatar: Pandora Rising as they are needed in battles and on defense as well as for hunting and gathering. Each commander has their own specialty and we have each of the 24 Na’vi and RDA Commanders listed below for reference. Feel free to click on the Commander names to find out more about each of these characters including details on their rarity, which Troop cards they best synergize with and more. Note that significant changes to commanders may cause some of these to need updates from time to time, but we will do out best to keep them all updated with APR’s latest version.

Na’vi Commanders

RDA Commanders

Here is a list of Na’vi Commanders with specific tags:


Here is an updated list of RDA Commanders with specific tags:

  • Atlas Beetle – Augustine, Spellman, Wassan
  • Bluestone – Balogun, Castro
  • Burnfiber – Adrik, Levson – Best Commanders for Burnfiber Gathering
  • Challenger – Freeman
  • Clear Quartz – Buldan, Chang, Selfridge
  • Dandetiger – Madaki, Shen
  • Defender – Casey, Kung, Michaels, Onozuki
  • Expert – Augustine, Selfridge
  • Fiddlehead – N/A
  • Geode – Patel
  • Lavastone – N/A
  • Looter – N/A
  • Magnetite – Sakai
  • Na’vi Nemesis – Quaritch
  • Pillager – Alihatar, Reza, Stojack, Waintfleet
  • Racer – Adrik, Balogun
  • Raider – N/A
  • Radonite – N/A
  • RDA Nemesis – Dubois
  • Safeguard – Buldan, Madaki, Patel, Riviera-Jones, Wassan
  • Stalker – Chacon, Fike, Morgado, Smith, Williams
  • Sulfer Rock – Drennek, Riviera-Jones
  • Swift
  • No Tags – Connors, Hester