SWGoH Acronyms & Definitions

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is like many other games, and companies, and organizations in this world – it has it’s own list of acronyms, abbreviations and strange nicknames. Because of this, we decided a place to house all of these definitions is in order. Please feel free to send your recommendations to this page as I am sure we will miss a few. Also, scroll down for a special YouTube video from CrazyExcuses and CubsFanHan, two of the great SWGoH GameChangers.

SWGoH Nickname – SWGoH Meaning

SWGOH – Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

ADPH – Average Damage Per Hit

AOE – Area of Effect (basically an all-attack hitting all enemies)

AP – Ally Points

Buff Wipe – remove a positive status effect, or buff

CC – Critical Chance

CD – Critical Damage

Chex Mix – Phase 3 team from the Sith Triumvirate Raid – Chex Mix details

Cleanse – to remove specifically a debuff, not just any status effect

Debuff – a negative status effect

Dispel – remove a status effect (buff and/or debuff)

DOT – Damage Over Time (those annoying red stars that Vader puts on you…)

DPS – Damage Per Second

Star Wars collectiblesHAAT – Heroic AAT (7-star AAT)

HMU – Hit Me Up (not game-specific but often used in chat)

KOTOR – Knights of the Old Rebublic (old Star Wars games which were popular with die-hard fans)

LMK – Let Me Know (not game-specific but often used in chat)

META – Most Effective Technique Available

Nerfed Up – Screwed Up

OP – Over Powered

P1, P2, P3, P4 – Phase 1, 2, 3 or 4 in a Raid

Squishy – Weak, Low on Hitpoints (Many say Rey and Darth Maul are squishy characters)

SSHH – Seven Star Han-Haver (this may just be in our Guild…)

TM – Turn Meter

Toon – Character in the Game

WAI – Working As Intended


CubsFanHan & CrazyExcuses - SWGoH


SWGoH Character Acronyms

AA – Admiral Ackbar

Chaze – Chirrut Imwe & Baze Malbus combination

Chirpatine – Chief Chirpa lead with Emperor Palpatine (typically for Phase 3 of the AAT/HAAT)

CHOLO – Captain Han Solo

CLS – Commander Luke Skywalker

Dat – Dathcha

GS – Geonosian Soldier

IGD – Ima-Gun Di

EN – Enfys Nest

FOE – First Order Executioner (also incorrectly referred to as FOX)

FOO – First Order Officer

FOTP – First Order TIE Pilot

GG – General Grievous

GK – General Kenobi

JE – Jawa Engineer

JJ – Just Jawa – the regular old generic Jawa character

JKA – Jedi Knight Anakin

JS or J-Scav – Jawa Scavenger

JTR – Rey (Jedi Training) – incorrect acronym

KRU – Kylo Ren Unmasked

NS – Nightsisters

Palpafighter – Emperor Palpatine with TIE Fighter Pilot (typically for Phase 3 of the AAT/HAAT)

Princess Zody – reference to a HAAT Clones team typically featuring a Zeta Cody lead, Fives, Echo, Clone Sergeant and Princess Leia

QGJ – Qui-Gon Jinn

RJT – Rey (Jedi Training) – correct acronym

ROLO – Rebel Officer Leia Organa

SF – Sun Fac

SRP – Scarif Rebel Pathfinder

StHan – Stormtrooper Han Solo

TFP – TIE Fighter Pilot

Wiggs – Wedge Antilles & Biggs Darklighter combination

WiggsDo – Wedge Antilles, Biggs Darklighter and Lando Calrissian combination