MSF Iso-8

Iso-8, aka mods, are a feature that FoxNext has now publicly mentioned that is coming to Marvel Strike Force. Here is what FoxNext had to say about the addition of Iso-8 to the game in October 2019 after announcing the BETA testing was underway.

The Iso-8 feature is a crafting and enhancement system for individual characters that grants improvements to their stats. This feature will mark the beginning of your ability to customize the characters in your roster and choose which stats on them you want to further improve, such as: Damage, Health, Armor, Focus and Resistance. This will add an additional layer of strategy and theorycrafting to squad composition and combat.

  • The Iso-8 system will not launch with additional Speed stats, and we currently have no plans to introduce Speed bonuses
  • Players will be able to craft many Iso-8 crystals daily, and make deliberate progression toward customizing the specific characters they want to prioritize
  • A concern for us in designing the Iso-8 system is to not make the modifiers so powerful that they become the only focus of character progression. We want Iso-8 to complement the Leveling, Stars, and Gear systems — not overshadow them.

Once the Iso-8 feature is live in -game for Marvel Strike Force, will be reviewing the Best Iso-8 Enhancements for every character on the MSF roster. This will be similar to our Best Mods content for SWGoH and we hope this will help players across the globe better-enhance their MSF characters.


Best Iso-8 Enhancements:

Below is a list of character Iso-8 pages where we review the best Iso-8 to enhance their kits. Note that these are written based on assumptions on how Iso-8 will work and these do not represent any data from Playtesting or inside information. These are based on the stats needed to strengthen these characters to make them more effective and will remain that way until Iso-8 is released to the world in Marvel Strike Force.