SWGoH 101: Rancor Solo – Sample Heroic Rancor Solo Teams

Team Leader is listed first
**Auto Solo team

zVader, QGJ, RG, Tarkin, TFP
zVader, Jyn, Phasma, RG, TFP
zVader, Jyn, Sidious, Tarkin, TFP
zVader, Nihilus, QGJ, Tarkin, TFP
zVader, R2, Teebo, TFP, Thrawn
**zVader, CLS, Jyn, Nihilus, QGJ
**zVader, CLS, Jyn, TFP, Thrawn

Teebo, Captain Phasma, Ewok Elder, QGJ, TFP
Teebo, Biggs, Ewok Elder, QGJ, Wedge
Teebo, CLS, QGJ, R2, Rex

Wedge, Baze, Bistan, Jyn, Scarif Pathfinder
Wedge, Bistan, Cassian, Jyn, Scarif Pathfinder

CLS, Wedge, Biggs
CLS, zRaid Han
**CLS, Wedge, Biggs, zRaid Han, Thrawn

**zFinn, JT Rey, BB8, RTrooper, Poe
**JT Rey, R2, BB8, RTrooper, CLS

Tip: All teams are only effective at the highest gear and ability levels and when modded properly. Be sure to review the Comprehensive Mod Guide to learn the specifics about Mods.