Lego Legacy

Lego Legacy: Heros Unboxed

Lego Legacy: Heroes UnboxedPublisher – GameLoft
Platform – Android, iOS
Release Date – February 2020

Longevity – D
Studio Confidence – B
In-game Performance – D
Fun/enjoyment – A
True to IP – A+
Game Crashing/Reliability – N/A
New/Fresh Content – N/A
FTP Friendly – A
Customer Service/Support – N/A
Downloads & Growth – A

Overall Rating – B Notes – Lego Legacy: Heroes Unboxed is a new turn-based Squad RPG game that was released in early 2020. It features very similar gameplay to Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, Marvel Strike Force, Dragon Champions and other games, only with the Lego theme. For any Lego fan this is a very enjoyable game that even features well thought out inclusions of actual Lego sets from the past 30+ years. The main reason for the low grade (for now) is the newness of the game and the instability/freezing that occurs whenever a user is not on a strong Wifi connection, which is a strength of other games we cover here at

– LJ, Director of Content,, March 2020