Krayt Dragon Raid

The Krayt Dragon Raid will be coming soon to Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes.


Hutt Cartel

Difficulty 6 – Relic 8 Minimum

Characters: Jabba the Hutt, Boushh (Leia Organa), Krrsantan, Boba Fett, Skiff Guard (Lando Calrissian)

Detonate all explosives with Boba Fett’s AoE to start, then place Buff immunity onto Krayt Dragon with Jabba. The Krayt Dragon will debuff your team and then attack, and then you want Boushh Leia to plant more explosives onto the screen. From here, Boba uses a basic to blow up one set of explosives, and then Skiff Guard Lando calls Jabba to assist with the 3rd ability, then Jabba will use his basic ability. Krrrsantan summons more explosives then gets eaten by the Krayt Dragon, and then you have Jabba use his middle ability to cleanse and allows for assists from all, especially Boba Fett. This feels like the turning point in the battle as you want to avoid using Boushh Leia’s special and ramp up the debuffs for Boba’s Execute special. 

Shoot the harpoons and have Boba use his basic on the Krayt Dragon, then SG Lando uses the Cutter Vibro-Ax special to land Armor Shred. A Jabba basic is next and we are close to the Krayt Dragon hiding in the sand and a Jabba Ultimate. When he hides, detonate the explosives saving Leia’s special and Boba’s Execute, but if you do not have enough Offense you will find you are in the 2-2.2 million range consistently and cannot reach the 2.7 million max. Using Boba’s Execute when the Krayt Dragon has the most debuffs is the key to getting the max damage from your run and Boushh Leia’s Special Offense stat is a major factor in hitting harder and getting closer to the 2.7 million max score.