The Infinity Watch

The Infinity Watch event in Marvel Strike Force took place for the first time in June 2021 requiring Jubilee with 4 Infinity Watch characters to unlock Adam Warlock, who opens at 5-stars (310 shards). You must beat all lower tiers before advancing to the next tier level. Legendary Character Events typically occur every 2-3 months and take place for 7 days initially and 3 days when they return.

Opening Legendary characters is always important for competitive players and fans alike in Marvel Strike Force, and Adam Warlock looks to be fantastic addition to any roster. Below I will chronicle what it takes for me to advance forward and eventually open Adam Warlock knowing that I will not open him the first time around as all characters are not geared with the proper star numbers. Note that this is an ongoing battle over many months, so it will be updated whenever The Infinity Watch event returns to allow me to upgrade the stars on Jubilee.


My Roster of Required Characters:

  • Jubilee – 7 stars, 5 red stars – Level 80, Gear 15, 142,657 power, Abilities 7-7-7-5 – Iso-8 Level 5 Striker
  • Polaris – 4 stars, 4 red stars – 40/130 – Level 50, Gear 9 +0 pieces, 26,043 power, Abilities 5-5-5-3 – Iso-8 Level 1 Healer
  • Multiple Man – 4 stars, 4 red stars, 98/130 – Level 50, Gear 8 +0 pieces, 22,107 power, Abilities 5-5-5-3 – Iso-8 Level Skirmisher
  • Shatterstar – 5 stars, 4 red stars, 150/200 – Level 50, Gear 8 +0 pieces, 23,391 power, Abilities 5-5-5-3 – Iso-8 Level Striker
  • Longshot – 3 stars, 3 red stars, 25/80 – Level 50, Gear 8 +0 pieces, 18,353 power, Abilities 5-5-5-3 – Iso-8 Level Raider


The Battles:


Tier 1 – Using

Tier 2 – Using the 5 required characters, I check in at 233k power and Phyla-cell joins my party to fight 17 enemies. Shatterstar and Jubilee at these levels make quick work of the enemies with their AoE attacks as this battle is no contest. 30 Adam Warlock shards, 750 Mega Orb Fragments and 1k gold are my reward.

Tier 3 – Again at 233k power, only this time with Moondragon assisting, my team takes the field. Shatterstar’s AoE is not nearly as effective in this battle, but Polaris is. A Jubilee AoE takes out a fresh group of enemies and the final 6 do not put up much of a fight as I earn 55 Adam Warlock shards, 1,250 Mega Orb Fragments and 20k gold as my reward.

That is all I can take on for now as I will work to star up Longshot specifically and be ready to unlock Adam Warlock the next time around.