SWFA Data Cards

Introduced in May 2018 around the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, Data Cards give players the ability to individualize their rosters with these power up cards. Equipping Data Cards allows players a player to use Era set effects or additional stat enhancements.

Datacard Quests – Data Cards can be obtained by fighting a Datacard Quest. While using the card shown as “Today’s Synergy Card” is a wise move, it is not necessary to do so as any team/deck can compete in the Datacard Quest. You ideally want to have a deck filled with cards that match your leader as well to enhance synergies. After defeating one of the three tiers available you will get two Data Cards or varying value.

SWFA - Data Cards

Presets – After obtaining Data Cards you can equip them by going back to the home screen, then selecting your leader on the Light or Dark Side. Once it shows that leader and their deck, click the Preset on the right to see the screen pictured to the right. You can view what each Data Card does and equip it based on the available slots. Note that to unlock additional slots, like the two red and one blue in this photo, you need to meet certain requirements with your faction’s cards. For example, the blue slot in the middle at the bottom tells me that I need “4 Unique First Order cards at Lv. 5 or higher” and that I have “0 Unique First Order cards at Lv. 5 or higher” currently on my roster.

Upgrading Data Cards – Upgrading Data Cards is a topic that likely fires up most players. While we all understand the need for challenge in mobile games, the early reports on Data Card upgrades are pretty terrible. First off, Data Cards are not easy to acquire in bulk. Given the fact that you need Data Cards and Boost Cards to upgrade the stats of an existing Data Card, this can be quite challenging. 1-star Data Cards can improve the Grade Up Chance by as little as 1-2% while 2-star Data Cards can improve the Grade Up Chance by as little as 3-4% (when attempting to upgrade a 3-star Data Card). Given you have 12 slots to place a card to attempt to upgrade, you have to choose wisely.

Boost Datacards – Boost Datacards are specifically for upgrading Data Cards as mentioned above. A 2-star Boost Datacard seems to be able to add a 10% Grade Up Chance to a 3-star Data Card while a 3-star Boost Datacard added a 23% chance to see the upgrade.


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