MSF Monthly Login Character

Marvel Strike Force rewards players who play daily with a monthly calendar of login rewards, including a monthly login character. Throughout each month the MSF character of the month will appear at various times with shards available to open that toon or power them up.

A standard month sees the player gain 40-50 character shards, 2000 gold orb and 2000 training orb fragments if you login each day in the month. September 2019 featured 40 shards of Storm and 1,400 gold orb fragments.


2020 Monthly Login Character

October – Ghost Rider

September –

August – Loki

July – Minn-erva

June – America Chavez

May – Mysterio

April – Thor

March – Iron Fist

February – Elektra

January – Quake


2019 Monthly Login Character

December – Carnage

November – Okoye

October – Venom

September – Storm

August – Killmonger

July – Ms. Marvel

June – Kingpin

May – Mantis

April – Loki

March – Iron Fist

February – Ronan the Accuser

January – Punisher


2018 Monthly Login Character

December – Groot

November – Spider-Man

October – Cable

September – Bullseye

August – Winter Soldier

July – Korath the Pursuer

June – Luke Cage

May – Nebula

April – Spider-Man