MSF Monthly Login Character

Marvel Strike Force rewards players who play daily with a monthly calendar of login rewards, including a monthly login character. Throughout each month the MSF character of the month will appear at various times with shards available to open that toon or power them up.

A standard month sees the player gain 40-50 character shards, 2000 gold orb and 2000 training orb fragments if you login each day in the month.


2019 Monthly Login Character

May – Mantis

April – Loki

March – Iron Fist

February – Ronan the Accuser

January – Punisher


2018 Monthly Login Character

December – Groot

November – Spider-Man

October – Cable

September – Bullseye

August – Winter Soldier

July – Korath the Pursuer

June – Luke Cage

May – Nebula

April – Spider-Man