SWGoH 101 Mod Guide: Mod Slicing – How To & Mod Salvage

How Do I Slice Mods?

After understanding what Mod Slicing does and why it is beneficial, let’s explore how to slice mods.

All 5* can be sliced once the relevant Mod Salvage is available. Once a mod is ready to be sliced, a red dot will appear at the corner of the mod, indicating that the mod can be sliced and also that the needed salvage has been acquired. To slice a mod, select the mod (whether or not it is currently assigned to a character) and select the Slice button. The Slice button will always be available as long as the mod can be sliced, but the Slice button will only display a Red number when the mod is fully ready to be sliced.

The Slice Mod screen provides the following:

  • Total credits available
  • Beginning and ending Mod Tiers
  • Old and New Mod Tier names
  • Old and New Mod Tier colors
  • Current stats
  • Mod Salvage available/required and the credits required

To fully slice the mod, select the Slice from the Slice Mod screen. The required Mod Salvage and credits will be deducted and the secondary stat that increased will flash green and will show the respective increase.

If the Mod Salvage and credits are available, mods can be sliced straight from 5E to 6E.

The below image shows the evolution of Mod Slicing from 5E to 6E:

Mod Salvage

In order to slice each mod, specific Mod Salvage and credits are required for each Tier increase. Mod Salvage are acquired through Mod Battles Stage 9 battles and the Mod Salvage used to go from 5A to 6E is acquired through the Guild Store.

The amount and type of Mod Salvage needed changes for each Tier. The below table provides the detail on the salvage pieces and credits required for slicing upgrade, as well as where each piece can be acquired:

Credits Mk 1 Bonding Pin Mk 1 Fusion Disk Mk 1 Power Flow Control Chip Mk 1 Fusion Coil Mk 1 Amplifier Mk 1 Capacitor Mk 2 Pulse Modulator
5E (Grey) to 5D (Green) 18K 10
5D (Green) to 5C (Blue) 36K 5 15
5C (Blue) to 5B (Purple) 63K 10 25
5B (Purple) to 5A (Gold) 90K 15 35
5A (Gold) to 6E (6* Grey) 200K 50 50 20
Location Battle 9-A Battle 9-B Battle 9-C Battle 9-D Battle 9-E Battle 9-F Guild Store

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