Character Classes

Transformers Earth Wars features 5 bot classes and a special class of bot – Combiners. Below we list the bot classes with a description of how they work.

  • Aerial – Aerial bots deal the highest damage per second and can hit single targets from great distances via airstrikes. They typically have lower health and higher speed.
  • Gunners – Gunners can shoot over walls and hit larger areas from ranged attacks. Gunners are a bit slower than Aerial class bots.
  • Medics – Medics are designed as healers and offer support for other bots in battle. Because Medics are not common in TFEW and they lack durability, strategically it makes sense to keep them behind the front lines. Medics are the fastest bots in TFEW.
  • Special – Specialist bots feature unique attacks and capabilities.
  • Warriors – Warrior bots are designed to be in the front lines and are armored melee fighters that look to open up the attack. While they have a lower damage per second than other bots and are typically slower, some Warriors can rush enemies for targeted attacks in battle.
  • Combiners – Combiners are the true special class of bots and are created by having the required 5 or 6 bots needed. While Combiners do deal large damage, they can only be on the battlefield for a limited amount of time.