SWGoH 101 Mod Guide: Speed, aka The Holy Grail

Speed, aka The Holy Grail

As reviewed in the Understanding Mod Stats section, the Speed stat determines the rate at which characters can take their next turn. The higher the Speed, the faster the character, and the faster the character, the more attacks and abilities can be used in battle. Speed is the single-most important stat within the entire game and a fast team often means the difference between a win and a loss in any battle.

With Speed as the most important stat, using mods with Speed primaries and secondaries is the focal point of all mod management.


Speed as a Primary:

As discussed in the Mod Shapes section, Speed will only appear as a primary stat on the Arrow shape. No other shapes, regardless of dots, colors, or levels, will ever see Speed appear as a primary stat. This makes acquiring an Arrow mod with a Speed primary one of the highest goals in farming mods.

The Speed primary stat is extremely important because of the large boosts provided at any rarity, color, or level.

Rarity Max Speed at Lvl 15
•• +19
••• +21
•••• +26
••••• +30
•••••• +32

The highest Speed secondary stat recorded in the game is +30 Speed, and Speed that high is extremely rare. Most players are very fortunate to acquire just a few mods with Speed secondaries within the range of +15-20 Speed. Many players may never gain a mod with Speed secondaries in the 20s, and fewer will ever even meet players with +27 Speed.

A 4* Speed Arrow at Level 15, however, automatically has +26 Speed and a 5* Speed Arrow has +30 Speed. A single 5* Speed Arrow provides as much Speed than even the fastest, rarest Speed secondaries available! A 1* Speed Arrow also provides more Speed than the majority of all other Speed secondaries as well. other Speed secondaries as well.

The vast majority of characters used within battles for Arena, Galactic War, Raids, etc. should include a Speed Arrow, even if it is only 1* with +17 Speed.


Speed and Turn Meter:

Fully grasping the Speed stat is important to appreciating why it is the most important stat.

Let’s say that two teams are running the same comp of Luminara-L, Qui-Gon Jinn, ST Han, Lando, and Rey. At the same gear, stars, and levels, both teams’ Rey character will see base Speed at 164 and, without mods, the battle’s AI will randomly choose whether Team A’s or Team B’s Rey will go first.

However, if Team A’s Rey has even a 1* Speed Arrow and Team B’s Rey does not, Team A’s Rey will have 181 Speed versus Team B’s 164 Speed. Team A’s Rey will get to use any of her attacks first. By just including even a 1* Speed Arrow, Team A’s Rey now moves much faster and can more quickly attack Team B’s characters.

Now, imagine that Team A’s Rey has a 5* Speed Arrow at Level 15 of any mod set. Rey’s base Speed of 164 becomes 194 from just a single mod. If Team A’s Rey has five other mods with just a +5 Speed secondary on each other mod, Rey’s Speed goes from 164 to 30+5+5+5+5+5 or 219 Speed. Team A’s Rey will have Turn Meter (TM) moving ~33.5% faster than Team B’s Rey. Two characters with the same gear, stars, levels, and ability kits perform in entirely different ways once Speed is adjusted through mods.

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Last Updated: 9/26/18