SWGoH 101: Unlocking 7* Commander Luke Skywalker

Commander Luke Skywalker is one of the most outstanding characters in the entire game. His event, Luke Skywalker – Hero’s Journey, only arrives a few times throughout the year and has very heavy requirements. This guide reviews the character requirements as well as mods and gear relevant for the event and unlocking Commander Luke Skywalker.

CLS only unlocks at 7* and requires the following all at 7* to complete his event:
R2, Leia, ST Han, Old Ben, Farm Luke

Aside from having each of necessary characters at 7*, it’s also important to have the full team geared and modded appropriately as well as having the relevant Ability levels to complete all tiers of the event and unlock CLS.


R2-D2 Tips

CLS can’t be unlocked without R2 at 7* and R2-D2 requires a completely separate set of characters to unlock at 7*.
Technically, any five Empire toons at 7* could get through R2’s event with the right RNG, but there are a set of toons that work much better than others: Palp-L, Vader, Thrawn, TFP, and Tarkin.

Other substitutions can include: RG, Veers, Snowtrooper, and Magmatrooper. The event can be completed with gear as low as Gear 8, but is less dependent on good RNG if all characters are at least G9.

Palpatine and Thrawn are only available through their own Legendary Events, so acquiring R2-D2 and thus CLS, takes a fair bit of steady planning. While attaining R2 can be done without either Thrawn or Palpatine, players should be prepared for MANY attempts at the event in order to clear the final Tiers.


CLS event Gear Recommendations

  • R2-D2 – Gear 10
  • Princess Leia – Gear 9
  • Stormtrooper Han – Gear 9
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben) – Gear 8
  • Luke Skywalker (Farmboy) – Gear 8

Note: Both Leia and STHan will require full furnaces to go to G9, so be sure to have the following on hand:

  • 150 VI Syringes
  • 40 Mk3 holos
  • 100 furnace salvages

The surest way to ensure success in both the CLS Hero’s Journey event as well as other parts of the game is take take STHan and Leia to Gear 10. At Gear 10, the event will be purely cinematic, with little difficulty or frustration and STHan and Leia are both great characters to use in Raids and Territory Battles.


Ability Levels

There’s no need to focus on Leader abilities outside of STHan’s and then, only up to Level 5 at the most.

  • R2-D2 – Electroshock Prod, Smoke Screen, Improvise all at Level 8 (Omegas) and Combat Analysis and Number Crunch at Level 7 (no Zeta necessary)
  • Princess Leia – Hair Trigger, Rebel Tactics, Against All Odds all at Level 7 (no Omega necessary)
  • Stormtrooper Han – Wary Shot, Draw Fire, Bluff all at Level 7 (no Omega necessary); Plan B (lead) at Level 5 for final Tier
  • Old Ben – Elegant Form, Old Jedi Knight, If You Strike Me Down all at Level 6, and Mind Tricks at Level 7 (no Omega necessary)
  • Farmboy Luke – Frontier Marksmanship at Level 5, Bullseye and Draw a Bead at Level 4



  • R2-D2: Potency, Protection, Speed of 180+
  • Princess Leia: As much speed as Possible; also Crit Damage, but speed is more important
  • Stormtrooper Han: Protection with speed 180+
  • Farmboy Luke: As much Speed as possible; also Potency, but speed is more important
  • Old Ben: Protection and hHealth; just need him to survive long enough for the next phase

With the right RNG and 215+ speed on everyone, it may be possible to clear the whole event with just R2 at G10 and the rest all at G8, but since Leia and STHan have extended uses, it is worthwhile to gear them both to G9+.

By Kaitco of Descendants of the Empire
Gaming-fans.com Senior Staff Writer