Countering Emmarauders in Marvel Strike Force’s Alliance Wars

Emmarauders have long been a strong war team used on defense. Since Emma Frost’s addition to the game, she has taken an already strong team of Marauders, led by Mister Sinister, and made them even better. Below we will take a look at teams that can beat the Emmarauders and what parameters need to be in place to replicate this strategy.


Counter – Power Armor with Ultron

Team Composition – Ironheart, Falcon, Rescue, War Machine & Ultron

Using a Power Armor team with Ultron can be an effective counter to the popular Emma Frost Marauders defensive team, aka Emmarauders. This was my first attempt at it so I learned as I was in the battle, and it was roughly a 40k punch up on a boosted room.

Kill Order – To begin, you want to use Rescue special which is the typical way you’d use Power Armor – nothing changes there as you can follow your typical attack strategy. The big difference is Ultron is on the team replacing Iron Man. First off, I lost Ironheart pretty much right away and I thought it was over but wanted to keep going. Her ability block didn’t land anyway and she never got to use her ultimate for defense down which would have made it much easier. What I learned is after you kill Stryfe, do NOT waste your time on Emma Frost as you will not kill her yet. I should have taken Sabretooth after Stryfe, then Emma Frost once she was debuffed. The clone ended up being Rescue in my battle and I took out the clone next, just before Mr. Sinister. This made the battle much easier and it was just a matter of finishing it off to get to Emma and get the win.

I do not think much more than 10% punch up would work unless you have a pretty strong Power Armor team that won’t lose anyone right away.



Counter – Fantastic Four with Ultron

Team Composition – Namor, Invisible Woman, Mister Fantastic, The Thing & Ultron

Using a F4 team with Ultron is also an effective counter to the popular Emma Frost Marauders defensive team, aka Emmarauders. Here is a video for reference –


Last updated: 2020/09/18
Originally written by koneheff with additions from LJ