Which Characters First? Territory Battles

Territory Battles (Opens at Level 65) – Hoth Imperial Invasion

We go into lots of detail about Territory Battles and I recommend reviewing as much material as possible to prepare and aid your guild for Territory Battles. {Guide to Required Characters and Ships}

Territory Battles utilize nearly all of a player’s roster at one point or another. While the full roster does get used, it is important to note that there are specific characters that have varying use in other places, but are required to participate in different phases and combat missions.

Note: Your farming efforts for Territory Battles should be in conjunction with your character farming for other parts of the game. Territory Battles is a full guild endeavor and farming these characters should not be done at the expense of Arena teams.

To be of as much use to a guild as possible, a player will need to farm the following:

  • Hoth Rebel Soldier required at 5*
  • Hoth Rebel Scout at 6*
  • Captain Han Solo at 5*+
  • Fulcrum Ahsoka Tano at 3*+
  • Five Phoenix team at 6*+
  • Five Rogue One team at 7*
  • Three 7* Light Side teams (One full Rebel team)

Farming Details:

5* Hoth Rebel Soldier

Found on Dark Side Node 3B, Hoth Soldier has just a single node and is a slow farm. Hoth Soldier is required at 3* in early Phases and at 5* in later Phases. Unlike characters required for other raids and events, Hoth Soldier has very limited use, but since he is a required character and has just a single node, it is useful to begin farming him as soon as a relatively strong base roster has been attained.

6* Hoth Rebel Scout

Farmable through the Cantina Battles Store, Hoth Scout will be easier to unlock and star than Hoth Soldier. Hoth Scout also has decent use in a Rebel squad and could be used to gain Palpatine, so Hoth Scout should be an early farm as well.

5*+ Captain Han Solo

CH Solo’s kit allows him to be a formidable Rebel ally, so he can be used to unlock Palpatine and there are specific missions within Territory Battles that require him at 5* and higher. While it is important to ensure that CH Solo is a player’s farm list, there are other Rebels who are more easily attainable and the Stars gained within Territory Battles by using him should be considered closer towards end game.

3*+ Fulcrum Ahsoka Tano

Despite carrying lightsabers, Fulcrum has a Rebel tag instead of a Jedi tag. Fulcrum gains buffs and hits harder with more buffs on her. Fulcrum, however, is a very long farm from the Ships’ Fleet Store. While Fulcrum is not specifically required for any of the combat missions, Fulcrum is required for several of the completed Platoons in the later Phases of Territory Battles. Even a 3* Fulcrum could be helpful for a guild that just needs to scrap out another Star within a Phase, but with that said, Fulcrum should also be considered towards end game.

6*+ Phoenix Team

As the Phoenix team is required to gain Thrawn, a player will eventually include them across overall roster farming. Note, however, that the full team at 6* is necessary for the final Phases in Territory Battles. When farming Phoenix for Thrawn, it may be worthwhile to push them towards 6* rather than slowing down at 5*. The extra star will unlock Thrawn at higher stars and the extra star will make the full team useful for a guild within TB.

7* Rogue One Team

The Rogue One team does not have a specific tag in the game, but all are Rebels and the team comprises the following characters:

  • Jyn – Guild Store
  • Cassian – Arena Store
  • K2S0 – GW Store
  • Baze – LS Node and Guild Events Store
  • Chirrut – Fleet Store
  • Scarif Pathfinder – Cantina Node
  • Bistan – Cantina Store
  • Pao – Cantina Store and Guild Events Store
  • Bodhi – GW Store


  • Jyn is the only one with a leader ability and, with TM reduction, revives, and AoE attacks, she should be a primary farm from Guild Store
  • Baze and Chirrut are one of the most formidable duos in the game. Even if not at 7*, they are Arena-viable at low stars and can be used to fill Territory Battles Platoons.
  • The best Rogue One team would be Jyn-L, Cassian, K2, Baze, and Chirrut, and all could be farmed simultaneously
    • Baze’s LS Node is one of the most difficult in the game and even simming at 5x a day nets about 1-2 shards a day, which means a farm of many months to get to 7*
    • Chirrut only appears in Fleet Store which makes his farm long and irregular
  • An alternate Rogue One team could be: Jyn-L, Cassian, K2, Bistan, and Bodhi

Rebel and Light Side Teams

As the Rogue One team are all Rebels and Light Side, a player could use a fully crafted Rogue One team to work through the Phase 6 combat mission as well as for either Light Side or Rebel-specific combat missions in the preceding Phases.

If a player does not have a full Rogue One team, the Rebel teams used to gain Palapatine or Thrawn are also all Light Side and can be used for these specific combat missions. It is very unlikely that a player will have to farm specifically for the Rebel or Light Side Territory Battles combat missions.

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Last updated: 10/9/17