Like in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes (SWGoH), where Runes are called Mods, Runes are used to enhance the basic statistics of your characters in Dragon Champions (DC). For example, you can increase the speed, shield, potency, and tenacity of your character, and so on… Always facing a faster team? Runes with speed can help there. Not being able to land debuffs? More potency needed!

Dragon Champions - RunesLike in SWGoH, there are 6 Rune spots, with different shapes which are placed on the “Rune Amulet.” This is broken up into 6 areas – North, South, Northwest, Northeast, Southwest and Southeast. Runes can be placed on characters from Level 15 onwards.

Each rune has a primary statistic and 4 secondary statistics. These secondary statistics appear at levels 4, 8, 12 and 16. Unlike to SWGoH, Dragon Champions doesn’t have “slicing” yet where certain resources are used to increase statistics.

No Rune is able to have exactly the same statistic as its primary and one of the secondaries statistics. For example: Shield% cannot be both in a primary AND secondary, BUT shield% primary and a flat shield value is allowed.

Like SWGoH, Runes have primary statistics that are NOT on every Rune. (Three of the Runes have 6 possible primary stats; One has two possible primary stats and two Runes only have one possible primary statistic).

The North Rune can only get DAMAGE % primary, the Southeast Rune can only get ARMOR % primary and the Southwest Rune can get HEALTH % or SHIELD % as primary.

Now it gets a little complicated.

The Northwest Rune is one of the 3 important ones. It can get ARMOR %, DAMAGE %, HEALTH % and SHEILD %. Potency % and Tenacity % are also possible and are ONLY unique to this Rune.

The Southern Rune is also under the top 3 important ones. It can get ARMOR %, DAMAGE %, HEALTH %, and SHEILD %. Both Critical Chance % (CC) and Critical Damage % (CD) are unique to this rune. IMPORTANT; many characters need either CC or CD; a a result I personally never sell these.

The Northeast Rune is most likely the most important. It can get ARMOR %, DAMAGE %, HEALTH % and SHEILD %. The Northeast Rune can also enhance Accuracy, which I personally always sell unless the secondary stats are amazing.


Speed, Speed, Speed…

We all know that going first 99% of the time is always good and greatly enhances the player’s chance to win. NEVER EVER Sell speed primary mods! Speed is the only statistic that stays flat and does not turn into a %.

As said earlier, no secondary stat may appear if it the same as the primary, this being said, every single primary stat can appear as a secondary.

For example I have a South Rune with a primary of CC. Secondaries can be everything, from armor to speed. Rune sets are also very important as they can also enhance basic statistics even more. In Dragon Champions these sets are called “words.” There are 8 sets; 3 of them take 4 Runes to make a “word” and the rest only need 2 Runes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the percentage added from each statistic is taken from the characters BASIC stats!

The sets needing 4 Runes are:

  • Critical Damage (a fire) – Adds 30% CD to your character
  • DAMAGE (a sword)  – Adds 20% damage to your characters magic AND physical damage.
  • SPEED (a boot)  – Adds 10% speed to your character. This is basic speed, before adding any other speed. This is rounded down. So if you have a basic speed of 104 you get 10 extra speed. If you have 109 speed, this rounds down to 10 speed as well…

The sets only needing 2 Runes are;

  • Armor (a shield) – Adds 20% armor to your character
  • Critical Chance (crossed swords) – Adds 8% CC to your character
  • Health (a heart) – Adds 10% health to your character
  • Potency (a fist) – Adds 15% potency to your character
  • Tenacity (a helmet) – Adds 15% tenacity to your character


Rune Rarity

For each Rune Rarity the primary statistic isn’t affected. It only affects the number of secondary statistics at level 0. This is color coded, from, Uncommon (grey), Common (green), Rare (blue), Epic (purple) and Legendary (orange). With grey you have no secondary stat, with green you have 1 secondary stat already showing, with blue you have 2 showing, with purple you have 3 showing and with legendary you have 4 showing. This mean that if I take a legendary Rune and upgrade it, the primary, AS WELL AS ONE random secondary statistic, will enhance its self per level upgrade (4, 8, 12 and 16)

This is all so far folks on describing the basics of Runes and how they work! Please leave a comment if you have any edits or additions to this content or Tweet us @GamingFansDFN.


Best Runes for Dragon Champions Characters

Below we list the Best Runes for each character in Dragon Champions. Note that these are our recommendations based on the character kits and actual gameplay and we hope they help you in your quest to dominate.