SWGoH 101 Mod Guide: Guide to Mod Slicing

Guide to Mod Slicing

Mod slicing is a complex process with many moving parts. In order to simplify the complexity, we will break down the Mod Slicing process into its own mini-guide.

Guide to Mod Slicing

What is Mod Slicing?

Prior to the Mods 2.0 Update, mods always retained their rarity (dots) and quality (color). A 5* Grey mod (5E) was Grey no matter what and there was no way to expand the range of the secondary stats. Mod Slicing allows Mod Tiers to be increased as well as the 5* Quality to 6* Quality.

Slicing Fast Facts:

  • Only 5* mods can be sliced
    • 1-4* mods cannot be sliced to a higher quality or tier
    • 1-4* A (Gold) mods at Level 15 will appear as “Maxed” and Maxed button will be greyed
  • Only Level 15 mods can be sliced
  • Slicing is available as follows:
    • E (Grey) to D (Green)
    • D (Green) to C (Blue)
    • C (Blue) to B (Purple)
    • B (Purple) to A (Gold)
    • 5A (5* Gold) to 6E (6* Grey)
  • All Mod Slicing requires specific Mod Salvage components for each sliced mod
  • When slicing from 5E to 5A, any of the secondary stats has a chance to increase, like levelling a mod
  • When slicing from 5A to 6E, the primary and all secondary stats will increase

Why Do I Need Mod Slicing?

If mods already seem complex, the question may arise, “Why add further complexity through slicing?” The quickest answer is, to make strong mods even stronger. Essentially, Slicing gives the possible secondary stat increases that are available on Tier A (Gold) mods to Tiers B-E (Purple, Blue, Green, and Grey) mods.

For example, a 5* Grey mod starts out with only a primary stat at Level 1 and by Level 15, that mod will gain 4 secondary stats. The E Tier means that those secondaries simply appear and do not increase as the mod is levelled. If Speed eventually shows on a Tier E (Grey) mod, that Speed will max at +5 and that’s the highest it will be.

With Slicing, however, the Grey mod becomes a Green mod, and in the same manner that a Green mod will have a chance for any of its secondaries to increase once, this 5E to 5D new Green mod will now have a chance for any of its secondaries to increase once. The same goes for Tier D to C, C to B, and B to A.

Most important is the slicing jump from 5A to 6E. The 6* Tier E mods have their own set of primary and secondary stat ranges, and the differences between 5A and 6E alone are enough to warrant slicing.

Max Primary Stat Guide: 5A 6E
Offense % 5.88% 8.50%
Defense % 11.75% 20%
Health % 5.88% 16%
Protection % 23.50% 24%
Speed 30 32
Accuracy % 12% 30%
Critical Avoidance % 24% 35%
Critical Damage % 36% 42%
Critical Chance % 12% 20%
Potency % 24% 30%
Tenacity % 24% 35%
Mod Secondary Stats Max Tiers 1E-5A Max 6E
Critical Chance 11.25% 11.70%
Defense 45 73
Defense % 8.50% 19.89%
Health 2140 2696
Health % 5.65% 10.51%
Offense 230 253
Offense % 2.80% 8.46%
Potency 11.25% 14.96%
Protection 4150 4607
Protection % 11.65% 15.49%
Speed 30 31
Tenacity 11.25% 14.96%

*Max secondary stats verified by and used with permission from /u/slimsk8r610 via his Reddit post.

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