SWGoH Resources

The Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes community has a variety of influencers in addition to Gaming-fans.com. We are happy to list those media sites, YouTubers and great follows below. Of course we ask that you start your Twitter list off by following @GamingFansDFN.

CubsFanHan – Popular SWGoH YouTuber & Gaming-fans.com Media Partner – Twitter @CubsFanHan, CubsFanHan on YouTube


EA.com SWGoH Forums – EA.com’s Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Forums – EA SWGoH Forums

SWGoH on Reddit – Reddit’s Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes section – SWGoH on Reddit

SWGOH.GG – SWGOH.GG is a Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Database and Squad Builder site and an awesome reference for anyone playing SWGoH – SWGOH.gg, Twitter @swgohgg

AhnaldT101 – Avid YouTube gamer that specializes in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes – Twitter @AhnaldT101, AhnaldT101 on YouTube

Crouching Rancor – SWGoH articles, tips, ideas and tools for beginners or advanced players – Crouching Rancor

Galactic War Report – Weekly podcast covering SWGoH – Galactic War Report

Mobile Gamer – Popular SWGoH YouTuber – Twitter @MobileGamer365, MobileGamer on YouTube