SWGoH 101

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes has fast become one of the more popular games in the Mobile Gaming industry, far exceeding 10 million downloads and ranking consistently in the Top 100 games downloaded in the United States, Germany and Russia.* According to the publishers, Electronic Arts, SWGoH players average over 162 minutes of gameplay each day – well above 24 minutes spent playing games each day by the average user.#

Star Wars Galaxy of HeroesAs Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes has grown, the game has also gotten more complex which has prompted Gaming-fans.com’s creation of this SWGoH 101 and SWGoH Advanced sections of the Website. With education in mind, we hope to help players of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes better understand all sections of the game as we do our best to take the new player’s approach to SWGoH. This 101 course involve how-to articles and infographics as well as YouTube videos from respected SWGoH GameChangers like AhnaldT101 and more that will help inform players about everything from which characters to farm to how to best help their Guild gain tickets for Raids, and much, much more.

In SWGoH 101 you will find more early and mid-game content. Meanwhile, the SWGoH Advanced section centers on strategy for endgame players including our Sith Triumvirate Raid Guide, Grand Arena Guide and more. Before you do anything, consider reading our “#SWGoH101 Introduction: The Journal of the Noobs – An Early Walkthrough of SWGoH” for tips on early Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes success and strategy. In addition, below are a few helpful links to assist your journey. Don’t worry, MUCH more is to come….



  • Youngling Courses
  • Know Your Cantina
  • Which Characters First?
  • Common Terms and Acroynms
  • Understanding Character Roles
  • The Buff/Debuff Icons and Meanings


* Data from AppAnnie.com
# Data from VentureBeat.com