Relics are a new addition to Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes and has your complete Guide to Relics to help you understand this part of the game. SWGoH - Relics - Darth is pleased to offer a different look at Relic Amplifiers below as we review each faction and key characters in SWGoH and seek to answer the question of what are the best Relic Upgrades for each specific faction of characters, and which characters in SWGoH are worth the investment.

SWGoH Character Relic Reviews

Here we take a look at key Galaxy of Heroes characters that players may consider taking to higher Relic Levels. Moving forward, our Relic Reviews will center around character-specific guides to help us understand which characters are the best to invest these materials into. Looking for the characters needed for the Galactic Legend events, all in one place? Check out our SWGoH Galactic Legend event requirements page where we list links to each character needed and their best mods and Relic review pages here on

All SWGoH Characters: