SWGoH Advanced

As Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes has continued to evolve adding Raids, Ships, new characters with more complex abilities and soon Territory Battles, the need for more strategy has become greater. While many great YouTubers like Smithie D, Warrior, AhnaldT101, Cubs Fan Han and others publish great content on SWGoH daily, housing all of that in one place is difficult.

Gaming-fans.com along with the publishers of the content house herein are pleased to bring you SWGoH Advanced. Alongside our SWGoH 101 content, SWGoH Advanced is here to help advanced players who feel they have all of the many basics of the game covered. From understanding Potency and Tenacity to strategies on who to use in the Heroic Sith Triumvirate Raid, SWGoH Advanced is here to help the community as a whole.

A few SWGoH Advanced content links to start us off: