The Red Death

The Red Death Event is a recurring Legendary Marvel Strike Force event that requires 5 characters to unlock Omega Red, who opens at 5-stars (310 shards). The initial The Red Death event is scheduled to take place in late 2021. You must beat all lower tiers before advancing to the next tier level. Legendary Character Events typically occur every two months and take place for 7 days initially and 3 days when they return.

Be sure to check out our walkthrough/live blog of the event below as our LJ, our Director of Content, seeks to unlock Omega Red.

The five characters needed to unlock Omega Red include Nick Fury, Winter Soldier, Maria Hill, Captain America (Sam) and Sharon Carter. Each will be needed at level 65, Gear tier 12 and Iso-8 Tier 1, level 3 to open the newest Legendary character in MSF.


My Roster of Eligible Characters:

  • Nick Fury – 7 stars, 5 red stars – Level 84, Gear 15 +0 pieces, 143,429 power, Abilities 6-6-7-5 – Iso-8: T2 Level 2 Healer
  • Winter Soldier – 7 stars, 4 red stars – Level 69, Gear 12 +4 pieces, 66,888 power, Abilities 6-6-6-4 – Iso-8: T1 Level 3 Striker
  • Captain America (Sam) – 5 stars, 5 red stars, 186/200 – Level 85, Gear 15 +2 pieces, 155,799 power, Abilities 7-7-7-5 – Iso-8: T2 Level 2 Skirmisher
  • Sharon Carter – 5 stars, 5 red stars, 32/200 – Level 85, Gear 14 +4 pieces, 128,215 power, Abilities 6-6-7-5 – Iso-8: T2 Level 2 Striker
  • Maria Hill – 4* stars, 4 red stars, 125/130 – Level 81, Gear 14 +3 pieces, 97,396 power, Abilities 6-6-7-4 – Iso-8: T2 Level 1 Healer

Note: Maria Hill will be at 5-stars in time to fight the event’s 5th tier.


The Battles:

11.01 & 11.02.21:

Tier 1 – My team checks in at 278k for the first battle, as I realized only after the battle that this must have been a weaker group to allow the battle to play out more. The first group of enemies is Omega Red, Sabertooth and several mercenaries that do not have much offensive punch but can take some hits. Sharon Carter stuns OR as the only real resistance to my attacks comes when Silver Samurai and Lady Deathstrike arrive in the final group of enemies, but they only prolong the battle as the offense is not enough to bother my team. 15 shards of Omega Red and 100 gold are my reward.

Tier 2 – My team checks in at 591k for this battle, with Maria Hill still at 4 stars after several refreshes of the War Store came up with empty tonight. 12 enemies stand in my way and the opening AoE attack from Captain America (Sam) kills the 6 on-screen. The enemies are simply overmatched by my squad as there is no strategy to speak of as I earn another 30 shards of Omega Red along with 1k gold and 750 Mega Orb Fragments.

Tier 3 – Back again at 591k and this time we have 15 enemies to beat but Capt Sam knock the first 6 out in one hit once again. Just like the Tier 2 battle, the enemies fall so quickly against characters of this level that there is no strategy to speak of as 55 shards of OR, 1,250 Mega Orb Fragments and 20k gold are the reward.

Tier 4 – 591k again and I face off with 16 enemies to start as I open with the Nick Fury Defense Up before Capt Sam’s AoE. This time he kills all 7 on-screen as just 9 enemies remain now. Once again I overwhelm the enemies with my strength, taking out the Pyros and then Blob, followed by Mr Sinister and then the final few as 80 shards or Omega Red, 100k gold and 2k Mega Orb Fragments are my reward.

Tier 5 will take place soon, I just cannot tell you how soon yet. After 2 time refreshes and 8 power core refreshes last night and this morning combined, I have not been able to pickup a single additional shard of Maria Hill and remain at 125/130.

12 pm ET update: Another 5 chances at buying the 5 shards needed for Maria Hill and another 0 for 5 making me 0 for my last 15 refreshes. Ouch. I will check in again after 8 pm ET.

Finally! One power core refresh and after 17 different attempts I finally get the final 5 shards of Maria Hill. Now on to the battle!

Tier 5 – Now coming in at 607k power with my squad, I am up against 15 enemies in total with a blend of SHIELD and Skillitary enemies. Fury grants Defense up and Capt Sam’s AoE kills off 5 enemies – wow. Much better than expected here so far! With the enemy Capt Sam and Red Guardian left, I simply overpower them both to prompt the next wave of enemies. I now have 3 to face, JJ, Falcon and War Machine, and after one attack five more enemies arrive to place the final 8 all on the screen at once. I pick them off one by one with War Machine and JJ going down first then a Maira Hill AoE thins out the crowd. Finally I kill the enemy Capt Sam to earn 130 Omega Red shards and 100k gold.

Tier 6 – Tier 6 allows you to use your new Weapon X team with 150k gold as the prize awaiting the player. My team checks in at 288k as I face 16 enemies, the first wave all SHIELD agents with Captain America. Just going through and using the multi-hit attacks, this battle ends up much easier than expected. The Weapon X team applies a ton of debuffs and with the fantastic survivability will make for a strong counter to a lot of the teams dominating MSF right now.


Tier 6 is as far as I will go this time around despite having characters that are likely strong enough to continue as I expect the Secret Avengers will carry the load here. I will resume the walkthrough of my experience in a few months when The Red Death event returns to Marvel Strike Force.


Tier 7 – For Tier 7 we need characters at Gear 13+ and Iso-8 Level 4+. We have to get past 18 enemies on this tier and starting off with Omega Red’s special followed by Capitain America (Sam)’s AoE kills 6 of them with ease. My team easily overpowers this tier of enemies and whenever the AoE attacks are an option it clears the enemies or seriously weakens them in a single attack. The one enemy who makes this challenging is Kestrel, and I fail to remember that she blocks allies from being called to help, but once she is eliminated this becomes even easier. In the end, 200 shards of Omega Red and 500k gold are the reward.


Tier 8 – For Tier 8 we need characters at Gear 14+ and Iso-8 Level 5 (Tier 1). My team checks in at 829k power for this battle with Maria Hill and Captain Sam at Gear 16 and there are 14 enemies to face here. An AoE from Captain Sam kills the minions, then I take out Sharon and Maria as three Phoenix enemies appear. I take out their Cap Sams and then focus on the Phoenix enemies to avoid ultimate attacks. Considering where my characters are on gear this is not a terribly challenging fight as two Deathpools arrive at the end, but this is an easy win to upgrade Omega Red. 300 shards of Omega Red and 1 million gold are the reward.