Victory Packs

Victory Packs are the key to advancement in Star Wars Force Arena. When the players wins a 1 vs 1 Arena battle they gain a Victory Pack, if they have an available slot under “Rewards” on the left navigation. Each player has from for four Victory Packs unless they purchase a Premium Booster which speeds up the process. Premium Boosters range from $5.99-$17.99 USD and reduce the unlock time of each pack by 50% while allowing a custom unlock order for available Victory Packs. In addition, the Premium Booster allows for a 5th slot to hold and additional Victory Pack.

Victory Packs come in a variety of styles and tiers and are available as both Light Side Victory Packs and Dark Side Victory Packs. The YouTube channel now features a plethora of short videos showing what you get in many of these Victory Packs from SWFA, so be sure to check them out as we will try to list each type to show players and fans what can be expected from each.

In addition to Victory Packs, Season Reward Packs are given out at the end of each season based on your participation in the previous season. Season reset each Monday at 9 am ET with prizes delivered to your in-game inbox based on your Tier in both the Light and Dark Side Arena matches.