Which Characters First? Levels 81+

Levels 81+: Raids and Ships

By the time a player reaches Level 81 and higher, the focus for the game will shift again. Usually at this level, a player has put a significant effort into acquiring characters used on different fronts, working with Mods, and preparing teams that can be used to attain higher Arena rankings, complete Galactic War daily, and to gain the best Raid scores.




The Pit (Rancor):

The Rancor Raid was the first raid to launch in the game and was created at a time before Mods were unleashed, when the max game level was Level 80, and when the bulk of players regularly struggled to see characters with Gear much higher than G8 or G9.

As the game has thoroughly evolved since the Rancor raid first appeared, many guilds can clear Heroic Pit raids with no problem, and many guilds have players that can complete Heroic Rancor with just one team.

The character focus for Rancor raids is entirely to solo the full raid with just a single team.

Characters to farm specifically for soloing The Pit Raid*:
Squad Arena Store – N/A
Guild Store – Jyn or Rex
Cantina Battles Store – QGJ, Teebo
Galactic War Store – Phasma
Light Side Hard Battles – Ewok Elder
Dark Side Hard Battles – Nihilus
Cantina Battles Node – TFP, Geonosian Soldier
Fleet Arena Store – Darth Vader**

(*)Mods and Gear are the deciding factors in successfully soloing the raid
(**)Also available through Achievements and the Shard Shop

Sample teams:
Team A: zVader (Lead), Jyn, QGJ, TFP, and Nihilus/Rex
Team B: Teebo (Lead), Ewok Elder, Phasma, Geo Soldier, QGJ

Tank Takedown (H/AAT):

The Tank Takedown Raid was the second raid introduced in the game and brought a new level of difficulty as well as a new, strong character: General Kenobi.

Unlike the Rancor, the AAT raids only come in the Normal and Heroic versions, and both raids were created to require G10+ characters and a full guild of 40+ members to complete.

We go into further detail about HAAT-planning, but with regard to farming specific characters for Heroic AAT, the goal is to create at least 4 teams that are designed to meet the challenges presented with each phase.

Since preparing for HAAT raids is a long, complicated process, the below teams are provided only as a guide. As always, all teams are mod and gear-dependent for success.

HAAT character farming:
Phase 1:
zKylo or zSavage
Jedi: Anakin, QGJ, Ezra, Barriss, IGD, Aayla, Ahsoka, Yoda

Phase 2:
Droids and Jawas: HK-47, IG-88, IG-86, Nebit, Jawa Engineer, R2
Rebels: Wedge, Biggs, Lando, Ackbar, Leia

Phase 3:
“Chirpatine” or “Palpfighter”: Chirpa, EP, STHan, Sun Fac, RG, TFP, Old Ben

Phase 4:
Rebels: Wedge, Biggs, Lando, Ackbar, Leia
“Princess Zody”: zLeia, zCody, zFives, Echo, Clone Sergeant



Ships opens at Level 60, but full focus on acquiring a multitude of ships should likely be limited until a player is approaching end-game. Fleet Arena Store currency is available daily through the Fleet Arena and will also become a Daily Activity to complete.

While the Fleet Arena store offers Ships shards, character shards, ability mats, and gear, the primary and most important use of Ships is to acquire Zeta ability mats. Upgrading a character to their Zeta ability offers an extra level of usability and every full Zeta ability requires 20 zeta mats, in addition to many omega, purple, blue, and green mats.

Zeta mats, however, are very “expensive” in terms of items of ease to acquire:

  • Zeta mats cannot be purchased with crystals
  • Zeta mats are only available through the Ships part of the game, and as first-time rewards on very select Events
  • Zetas can be purchased through the Fleet Arena Store at 2000 Fleet Tokens per purchase
    • Fleet Tokens are acquired through Daily Activites (115 total)
    • Fleet Tokens are earned through Fleet Arena (800-1800 total)
    • The maximum possible amount of Fleet Tokens earned in a day is 1915 Tokens
    • Fleet Tokens may also be earned 3 times a week through the Ship Ability Materials challenge

Doing the math on Zetas leads a player to understand that even when taking Rank #1 in Fleet Arena daily, a player can only purchase 1 zeta every other day. This makes the Ship Ability Materials challenge the most important part of Ships since this challenge allows a chance at anywhere from 1-4 Zeta mats (two attempts, offering 0-2 Zetas each) on the three days each week that the challenge appears.

Only Tier 3 of the Ship Ability Materials challenge offers a chance at Zeta mats! As ships, capital ships, pilots, and fleet commanders all take time to acquire and gear, the primary focus for Ships should be the following:

Characters (should all be as close to 7* as possible and G9+)
Dark Side Characters: Tarkin, Geo Soldier, Sun Fac, TFP, Boba or Vader, FOTP or Maul
Light Side Characters: Biggs, Wedge, Fives, Jedi Consular or Ahsoka

Ships (should all be at 5* or higher)
Dark Side Ships: Geonosian Soldier’s Starfighter, Sun Fac’s Geonosian Starfighter, Imperial TIE Fighter, Slave I or TIE Advanced x1, First Order TIE Fighter or Scimitar
Light Side Ships: Biggs Darklighter’s X-wing, Wedge Antilles’ X-wing, Umbaran Starfighter, Jedi Consular’s Starfighter or Ahsoka Tano’s Jedi Starfighter
Capital Ship: Executrix

Why These Ships?

The above list seems very specific considering that there are several other options available, including the Millennium Falcon and Phoenix ships. So, why these ships in particular?

  • The primary purpose of all Ships content is to acquire Zetas
  • One single zeta can be bought every other day from awarded Fleet Tokens
  • Ships Ability Material Challenge requires eight ships at 5*
    • Tier III of Ships Ability Material Challenge requires a 5* Executrix
    • A 5* Executrix requires five 4* Dark Side ships

To break it down further:
The Ships Ability Material Challenge requires eight 5* ships and the Executrix at 5*. It is not difficult to acquire eight 5* ships, BUT acquiring the Executrix at 5* requires five 4* Dark Side specific ships.

Putting focus into taking any 8 ships straight to 5* seems like the fastest way to work on Tier III of the Ships Ability Material Challenge, but many players often forget that the challenge requires Tarkin’s Executrix capital ship at 5* in addition to the eight 5* ships. Not planning ahead to attain the necessary Dark Side ships will leave a player still trying to scramble and costs weeks of Zeta-farming.

The above-suggested ships and their respective pilots are all the easiest to acquire through the Fleet and GW Stores and all are available for free as well. Planning to farm ships specifically with the intention on farming Zetas will lead to overall roster success.

Characters that are far stronger with their Zeta abilities than without:

  • zMaul
  • zVader
  • zLeia
  • zCody
  • zBarriss
  • zBoba
  • zPhasma
  • zSidious
  • zFinn
  • zYoda
  • zKylo
  • zSavage

Strong characters made even stronger with their Zeta:

  • zQGJ
  • zNihilus
  • zR2D2
  • zJyn
  • zHan Solo
  • zThrawn
  • zFOTP
  • zCLS

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Last updated: 10/10/17