Alliance Wars Guide – Defense

The defensive phase for Alliance Wars allows players to set a defense for the specific zones shown below and attempt to make things difficult for their opponent to score points for their Alliance on offense.

The best Defensive Room Priorities are:
1. Barracks (Defensive Buffs)
2. Bridge (200 pts)
3. Armory (Offensive Buffs)
4. Medbay (Health Buffs)
5. Reactor (100 pts)

While offense is incredibly important, you can’t win without DEFENSE it is really the game.

The Barracks room, your entire defense in every single room is buffed by 20% – lose it and it becomes easier to beat your Helicarrier, those stat buffs are massive.

The Armory, is a huge target – holding it will allow you to have 20% increased offensive stats, defend it to the best of your alliances ability.

The Bridge doesn’t really offer anything other than points. Losing it early can dishearten some players, but it’s not as vital compared to the other big two defensive rooms.

The Medbay offers health boosts, but is 4th in defensive priority.

The Reactor comes in fifth because it’s a 100 point room. Not as big as the Bridge, but still big enough to create an impact.