STRIKE Raid: Gamma

MSF - Juggernaut RaidOne of several Raids in Marvel Strike Force, the S.T.R.I.K.E Raid: Gamma has also be referred to as the “Juggernaut Raid.” The S.T.R.I.K.E Raid: Gamma is where players were able to earn Crimson Crusher orbs to gain Juggernaut shards. It was described in-game with “cooperate with your Alliance, take on Raid Missions, and win various rewards!”

The latest version of the Gamma Raid features Brawlers and will reward orbs with Brawler shards.

The original Gamma Raid came in four different tiers, each with a higher degree of difficulty and better rewards. If this info changes with the new Gamma Raid we will update the info accordingly.

  • Tier I – Recommended for Squad Levels 35-50+, Gear 6+, Ability Level 3+
  • Tier II – Recommended for Squad Levels 50-60+, Gear 8+, Ability Level 4+
  • Tier III – Recommended for Squad Levels 60-65+, Gear 10+, Ability Level 5+
  • Tier IV – Recommended for Squad Levels 65-70+, Gear 11+, Ability Level 6+, Red Stars 3+