Juggernaut Raid

MSF - Juggernaut RaidOne of several Raids in Marvel Strike Force, the S.T.R.I.K.E Raid: Gamma can also be referred to as the “Juggernaut Raid.” The S.T.R.I.K.E Raid: Gamma is where players can earn Crimson Crusher orbs to gain Juggernaut shards. It is described in-game with “cooperate with your Alliance, take on Raid Missions, and win various rewards!”

The Juggernaut Raid comes in four different tiers, each with a higher degree of difficulty and better rewards.

  • Tier I – Recommended for Squad Levels 35-50+, Gear 6+, Ability Level 3+
  • Tier II – Recommended for Squad Levels 50-60+, Gear 8+, Ability Level 4+
  • Tier III – Recommended for Squad Levels 60-65+, Gear 10+, Ability Level 5+
  • Tier IV – Recommended for Squad Levels 65-70+, Gear 11+, Ability Level 6+, Red Stars 3+