Added in November 2016, nearly a year after the game’s launch, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes added a Ships section to the game which basically forced all users to “start over” to an extent. For casual game players this will mean one more item to keep up with daily to stay competitive – one of the challenges of the game. For the die-hards it adds another strategic section to spend more time, and possibly money, on GOH. Here is a look at the Ships section of the game.

swgoh-ships02Data Cards – This is where EA and Capital Games wants you to spend $$$ – if you are FTP just stay away. This is the exact same link as the Data Cards link on the home screen. Collect your 5 free Bronzium cards each day and go on with you gameplay and life.

Fleet Shipments – The Fleet Shipments refresh throughout the day and provide opportunities buy ship blueprints (think Shards, only for ships), actual character shards, gear, Omega materials and the new Zeta materials.

Ship Challenges – Just like the daily challenges, ship challenges help you earn the special Ship Enhancement Droids needed to power up your ship, the Ship Building Materials (think Credits, only for the ships), and the Ship Ability Materials which are used to power up the ship weaponry.

Fleet Arena – Just like the Squad Arena, the Fleet Arena pits your team of ships against others. Different prize levels are available for the higher your rank. As many will tell you, it is all numbers so just fight the weaker fleets and you should see reasonable success.