The Emperor’s Demise Event

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is at it again as The Emperor’s Demise event was launched on Thursday, August 18th featuring the addition of Emperor Palpatine as an available character. Much like the Yoda event, the gamer must progress through seven rounds to gain shards of the character with five stars being the level in which the character is finally “opened.” Unlike the Yoda event, to the chagrin of many across the Star Wars GOH world, the user was to assemble a crew of Rebels – the enemy of the Empire. In the Yoda event he “trains” the other Jedi as you assemble a team of his own to fight the Jedi Master. Emperor Palpatine on SWGOHIn fairness to all, this shows the selfishness of the Emperor and the Empire that we came to see over the years as well as the unselfishness of the Jedi Order. But I digress…

Overall, the strategy of the event is simple and similar to the whole game – power up your characters. If you are a Play Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes for Free kinda person this will undoubtedly be more difficult, but hopefully you have put effort into Leia, Ackbar, Hoth Rebel Scout & Soldier and Biggs Darklighter. I know my son got a TON of shards of the two Hoth Rebel fighters through the free silver ally coins and daily drops. The Hoth Rebel Scout can be bolstered in the Cantina Battle Store, Leia and Akbar in the Arena Store and Biggs in the Galactic War Store. You need five characters at each star level to keep advancing and the event is scheduled to end after 11 days, so happy fighting and powering up! Have questions? Hit us up with a comment.

December 2016 – The Emperor’s Demise event is coming back to SWGoH on Dec. 23rd!

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