SWGOH: Should I Buy the Countdown to Rogue One Pack?

When I woke up this morning and logged on to Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, the newest attempt to suck away my crystals (and basically my money) was the “Countdown to Rogue One Pack,” now available with the Data Cards. This “Limited Time Offer” has a price tag of 1,499 crystals guaranteeing at least 10 shards of the Scarif Rebel Pathfinder and Shoretrooper characters as well as a chance to get 2x or 3x shards. In addition, a Training Droid Mega-Pack and a Credit Mega-Pack (worth over 1k crystals) are also included. So what did I do? Guess.

SWGOH Rogue One PackAssessment of the Countdown to Rogue One Pack: If you are FTP (Free to Play) for Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes you have to be SUPER disciplined to even consider these 1k+ crystal items. If you are like my 8-year old son and get a $10-20 game “boost” around your birthday or the holidays, maybe then you can buy in, but for the the true FTP gamers this is pretty much out of reach and likely not worth spending two weeks or more of saving your crystals.

For the Pay to Play (PTP) gamers of SWGoH, the value is solid IMO. The Droid Mega-Pack is 442 crystals and the Credit Mega-Pack is 595 for a total of 1,037 crystals. Thus, for a guaranteed 10 shards of the Scarif Rebel Pathfinder and 10 for the Shoretrooper and a chance at more, you are in essence paying 462 crystals. Compared to the math on other characters this is not bad – it just depends on what you value and how bad you want these characters.

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