More Notes on the Rebalanced Tier 6 AAT Raid

Shortly after arriving home from seeing Rogue One last night I posted my notes on the rebalanced 6-star AAT Raid on Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Since then I have seen my Guild, which took 3-4 days to complete Phase 1 of the AAT Raid in the past, complete it in 7 hours. Thus, my test of my droids against Phase 1 will have to wait as I was able to take on Phase 2 with them instead. A few things I noticed on Phase 2:

  1. The animation speed upgrade is appreciated. Speeding things up is a nice change – I will be able to hide my play from my wife much more easily now…
  2. Expect to see Rebels and Droids further dominate Phase 2. Phase 2, and Phase 4 as well, are where the big-hitters score their points. My Droids crew, not even complete, scored about a 30% increase from the old Tier 6 AAT. I would expect to see the same from Rebel groups.

I am sure more notes and tips will come – your feedback and comments are appreciated.

Update: Here is my new piece about the HUGE gap from the rebalanced AAT to the Heroic AAT – EA screwed that up!

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