Transformers Earth Wars: Character Profile – Hook

Transformers Earth Wars: Character Profile and Analysis


Subject: Hook

Faction: Decepticon

Subgroup: Constructicons

Function: Construction, Surgeon, Medic

Range: Short

In-game Bio: Something of a perfectionist, Hook considers his fellow Constructicons somewhat crude and dim-witted, as they don’t have his exacting standards or attention to detail. Whether it’s micro adjustments to a printed circuit or welding together two fifty ton girders, Hook applies the same precision to both tasks.

Though he might not be winnng any personality contests anytime soon, Hook’s contribution to the war effort can’t be understated.

Character Facts: Hook has been around since the Constructicons first appeared. A crane truck, he also forms the head and shoulders of Devastator. His skill and impressive results in battle and in construction give him a very large ego and a highly vaulted opinion of himself. As one of the original Constructicons, he’s appeared a ton of times in comics, books, shows, games and numerous toy forms.

In Game Analysis:

As a medic, Hook is highly invaluable. Unlike most bots, I recommend you have a 2 Star, 3 Star and 4 Star Hook if possible. This ensures at least 3 squads are covered by a medic and ready to fight on just a bit longer as long as you level him up well.

Medics are NOT meant to fight, but in the off chance Hook doesn’t have anyone to heal, he will unleash an SMG burst on targets, but the range is worthlessly short and the damage is very low. Hook is meant to heal and as such it is best he is the final bot deployed so he stays the furthest back from actual danger.

In terms of healing at max potential, at 2 Stars Hook heals 76.8 HP per second, 3 star at 142.8 HP per second and 4 Star heals at 240.5 HP per second. Even as a 2 Star, Hook is well worth investing time and energy into, so for once, a 2 Star has extended merit beyond their originally limited use.

Hook’s special ability is Healing Grenade. He toss an AoE explosive that begins to heal everyone in it’s blast radius. The healing lasts 5 seconds and can heal anywhere from 450-612 at max. This allows you to spread the healing effort into two locations, or to double up on the healing for a particular group.

Just be sure to use his ability while in good health. Use it when you’re too low and you’ll get killed, causing it to be canceled out.


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