Transformers Earth Wars Weekend Event: Arctic Signal

Weekend Earth Wars Report: Arctic Signal (Arctic Saga Part 1)



Good morning Cybertron! Hope your energon is chilled and ready cause this is your weekend event report for Friday, December 9th, 2016!

Seems that during all the recent combiner and reinforcements hubbub that have been going on, someone or something has beamed an unknown, weak signal into space. What’s going on in the Arctic wastes? What was in that signal? WHO sent it? What will it bring? It’s time to find out! So bust out your cold weather gear and head south. It’s about to get REALLY cold in here as the Arctic Saga begins!


Sadly, once AGAIN this is solo affair and not a prestige style event. One go-round and that’s it. You’re locked, loaded and done with it. So since you alone are responsible for your own effort, decide on how hard you’re ready to fight and head out there now to the battlefields and bring in some points for the Bots or Cons! Keep your morale up too. Solo events aren’t my cup of tea, but we all need the spoils.


Here’s the current prize list for this week:

  1. 50 3 Star Shards 100 Points
  2. 10,000 Alloy 230 Points
  3. 50,000 Energon 400 Points
  4. 1 Force Field MK 2 615 Points
  5. 2 Star Crystal 870 Points
  6. 500 Spark 1170 Points
  7. 200 3 Star Shards 1500 Points
  8. 100,000 Energon 1600 Points
  9. 100 4 Star Shards 1750 Points
  10. 1 Force Field MK 3 2000 Points
  11. 1000 Spark 2390 Points
  12. 300 3 Star Shards 2940 Points
  13. 1 Force Field MK 3 3640 Points
  14. 350 3 Star Shards 4500 Points
  15. 2,000 Spark 5080 Points
  16. 200,000 Energon 5660 Points
  17. 1 Force Field MK 3 6240 Points
  18. 200 4 Star Shards 6820 Points
  19. 3,000 Spark 7400 Points
  20. 300,000 Energon 8000 Points
  21. 300 4 Star Shards 10000 Points

You’ll actually nab a 2 Star Crystal this event, but that’s most likely just going to contribute a few 3 Star Shards and little more. This event is merely going to play out like last weeks, so do what you can and grab all that you can, while you can.

Good luck to you fellow Bots and Cons! Get those points and use that Double XP weekend to boost your troops while you can! Til all are one!

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