Weekend Earth Wars Report: Breaking Point!

Weekend Earth Wars Report: Breaking Point!


Good morning Cybertron! The Combiners are coming back into focus as we head into the Breaking Point for this weekend event for 1/20/17-1/22/17.

As the sole Decepticon Combiner, Devastator has let the power go straight to his head. The Decepticons consider Devastator too dangerous to rely on. Megatron has initiated a plan to form a new Combiner who is more subservient, and knows their place in the Decepticon pecking order.”

After the dust has settled from the racing, it’s time to prepare for another assault with even more power. This means more combiners! My money is on Bruticus since he’s had all 5 bots in since the game began. Predaking is the only other option since we’re still 3 bots out on Menasor.

This event is sadly, a solo one with no prestiges, so it’s not gonna be as fun as the last event. The prizes are good and are leading us into a second round for the Combiner Wars though! Here’s a list of this weekends prizes:

Get your gear together and prep your Combiner Labs. There’s more to come! Have fun! Til all are one!

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