SWGoH Character Rework Proposal: General Grievous

General Grievous

Dark side, Fleet Commander, Droid, Attacker

Furious assualt (basic): deal physical damage to target enemy four times. Hits after the first cannot grant Grievous bonus turn meter.

Grievous wounds (cooldown 3): inflict healing immunity on all enemies for 3 turns

General Grievous rework SWGoHSinister laugh (cooldown 3): dispel all buffs on all enemies. Then, all enemies with no buffs have their cooldowns increased by 1. Grievous gains all buffs that were previously on enemies who had their cooldowns increased. Galatic Republic enemies lose 25% of their max health and turn meter.

Tactical retreat (unique): Whenever grevious falls below 100%, 75%, 50%, 35%, 20%, 10% and 5% health he forces a random ally tank who isnt taunting already to taunt for 1 turn. That ally loses 100% turn meter and gains offense up, defense up, retribution and potency up for 3 turns.

Enemies of the galactic republic (leader): at the start of each battle Galactic republic enemies lose 10% turn meter. This turn meter removal cannot be resisted. Galactic republic enemies have -10% evasion and tenacity. Droid allies gain +10% turn meter at the start of each battle and have +10% potency and accuracy. Droid allies gain max health equal to that of the healthiest galactic republic enemies max health at the start of each encounter.

Enemies of the Galactic Republic (zeta leadership): Galactic republic enemies lose -25% turn meter at the start of each battle. This turn meter removal cannot be resisted. Galatic republic enemies have -100% evasion and tenacity. Droid allies have +100% accuracy and potency. All enemies gain half of all negative effects from this leadership ability, including the turn meter removal. At the start of each encounter, a droid ally gains max health and protection equal to that of a chosen target enemy. Whenever greivous is defeated, that ally chosen loses the max health and protection gained and reverts to their original max health and protection. When grevious is revived, that ally gains the health and protection bonuses back.

– Courtesy of Encyclopedia Darth

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