TFEW: Weekend Event Results More in Line with Logic, Fairness

Now that the Transformers Earth Wars weekend event, Double-Crossed, is complete, a look at the final alliance scores appears to be much more in line with logical, honest numbers. A quick look at the final scores shows 5 Alliances with 800k or more and the top Alliance, Primus, scoring 1,276,795. For the sake of reference, my Alliance ranked 128th with 490,896 points and included 25 members over 10k points.

Looking back to the Blast From the Past event that ended on April 24th, we saw numbers that had the top 5 Alliances scoring 3.5 million points apiece with all other Alliances scoring under 800k. Quite a gap from 5th to 6th – almost like these top 5 Alliances knew something the rest of us did not… Again, for reference, my Alliance scored 417,509 ranking 210th overall.

As you can see from the numbers, 800k is an awesome weekend and any Alliance classified as a highly active one should be in the 300-400k plus range in these Alliance events. However, I see no logical way that any Alliance could ever score 3.5 million (see screenshot from April 24th) honestly and fairly. When I asked one of my contacts he mentioned that some Alliances will send in reinforcements when members go to sleep. Let’s say this is true. If a highly active alliance scores even 600-700k per event, and they have 40 members on one 12 hour shift and 40 members on a second 12 hour shift, all ignoring everything in life for those 12 hours, that still means they score about 1.5 million; less than half the 3.5 million it took to get a Top 5 spot in Blast From the Past on April 21-24.

So what happened? I am pretty sure it was not all on the up and up – that is for sure. Have the Earth Wars developers at Space Ape fixed the problem? It would appear so, but this past weekend’s event was not as dependent on a Top 4 placement as the Blast From the Past event was so it is hard to tell.

What do you think? Your comments are welcome!

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