How to keep SWGoH fun

Welcome Holotable Hecklers. If your guild has topped out at Level 85 & has the Heroic AAT done in an hour you may be struggling to hold interest in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes while we wait patiently for new content. To this end here is the debut in an irregular series of ways to entertain & engage your SWGoH guildmates.

For this first installment I’d like to expand on a subreddit I wrote a couple of weeks ago where we discuss ways to make Raids more fun.

If you are like our Guild where the Rancour has become a FFA-fest there are ways to make it more entertaining. In our guild, Decendants of the Empire, we now run raid challenges 2 raids out of 3. It’s simple to set up, but that being said I am assuming your guild uses Line, Discord or a similar chat app and you’re not trying to organize this purely on in-game chat.

We’ve had specific factions such as Bounty Hunters, First Order, Jedi, etc. and/or team combos; all Ewoks + Chewie. Even “…toons on the title screen” was tried recently, zQGJ led the winning team. Plus you can also specify toons NOT allowed; ie Empire toons but no Zader lead. Whoever scores highest gets to nominate the next raid setup. Screenshots must be submitted to our Line chat for verification (scores can vary wildly). It makes sure everyone plays fair since you don’t want a sneaky Teebo run ruining everyone’s fun.

If you don’t have enough toons to make a full team you just run what you can & we always run a 12hr pause before damage commences. We allow a zero damage attack at anytime if you can’t raise a team or be available when the raid goes live to ensure all have a fair shot at rewards. Some team combos will see the raid cleared in minutes, some will take a few hours, and some won’t clear it at all. The easiest way we’ve found to deal with this is allow a general FFA at 24 hours after launch. Obviously a 5 million run at this time with a zVader squad clears the raid but doesn’t win you the team prize.

This has really revivied guild interest in Rancour raids & generated some great friendly rivalry within the guild. You’ll need to be reasonably organised; our guild has specific officers & deputies for each raid. Plus a seperate Line room just for guild announcements helps a lot. We only let officers post there; raid times, rules of engagement & important game updates etc. It’s not a lot of hassle to do & with a good guild leadership it’s easy to implement.

Here’s a list of some of the teams we’ve run, and our winners keep thinking of new combinations. Maybe you’ll enjoy a few yourself & we’d love to here from people in the comments below if you can think of something wild we haven’t tried 🙂

Sith (no zAder leads)
Bounty Hunters
Any 3 toons
Rogue one
Any 5 toons, no leaders allowed
Droids (no Jawas)
Light side only
Dark side only
Ewoks + Chewie

So many possibilities, until next time game fans, Mothman will be watching…


By Mothman of Descendants of the Empire Guest Writer


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