SWGoH: CubsFanHan’s Bag of Questions IV from EA HQ with CrazyExcuses & Nukin

Cubs Fan Han

CubsFanHan is back with his latest Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes YouTube video. Today he brings us his fourth edition of his SWGoH Bag of Questions, this time brought to us from EA’s Headquarters with fellow SWGoH GameChangers Crazy Excuses and Nukin. The collaborative video reviews a variety of topics including Zeta Barriss Offee‘s value in Territory Wars, ties in Territory Wars, when is Commander Luke Skywalker returning and more.

Remember, it was Cubs Fan Han who put together the CLS/Thrawn team this past summer that vaulted me back atop my shard and recently told gave us the breakdown of the Nightsisters that showed how they are about to be Squad Arena viable as he informed us of the new abilities and kits of the Nightsister Spirit and Nightsister Zombie and speculated on what it means to the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes community.

Check out the latest SWGoH video from Cubs Fan Han below.


CubsFanHan - SWGoH

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