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In Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes we all know that speed is king. Because of this we all search for those mods with high secondary speed.

There are some characters that really don’t need speed. Resistance Trooper, Clone Sergeant, some tanks like Baze, they either want to be slow (Baze) or they gain huge amounts of turn meter from other effects (Resistance Trooper and Clone Sergeant) but in general we all want every character as fast as possible.

This got me thinking, at what point am I better off using a mod with no speed versus a mod with single digit speed. Why is it such low amounts of speed still seem to be the best choice? And most importantly, do I even want to keep a mod that has no speed on it?

To answer these questions you need to understand that all characters are not created equal, and what is true for one character will not be true for another. With 142 characters though this post is not going to cover them all. So I did the next best thing, using data from swgoh.gg (seriously those guys do great work) I was able to work out the average stats for max level and gear 7* characters in the game.

Speed 129
Health 27488
Protection 26839
Physical Dmg 2597
Potency 38%
Armor 284
Tenacity 37%

Using these stats as a baseline we can work out what the effects of a mod are on the average character.

For example a mod which offers a secondary speed of 5 is increasing the speed of an average character by 3.88%

This means if you want to get an equivalent mod offering a health boost it needs to have + 1065 health, and a protection mod requires +1040 protection. Or a percentage based increase of 3.88%

This obviously does not mean that they are exactly equivalent. Depending on what a given character needs you may place a higher value on health or protection. But based purely on the metric of how much does a mod increase the base stats it is very easy to see that speed is the largest contributor.

When we consider 5 dot mods, a mod with +5 speed mean speed only landed once. But for that same mod to have +1000 health or protection would require it to start at least green and to roll that stat for an increase. Similarly the % based stats usually start somewhere between 1-2% so they also would need to roll at least once if not twice more.

When we begin to look at a mod where speed has been increased at least once we have a speed of 8-11 typically.

A speed of 11 equates to 2343 health, 2288 protection, 205 offense, and stat based increases of 8.53%.

A green 5 dot mod can hit 11 speed. But to reach those health and protection numbers, you need to start with a minimum of a blue mod. And for those offense and % based numbers you most likely need to start with a gold mod.

Below is a full table comparing secondary speed to most other stats, the table goes from 1-15 speed and gives a fairly wide range of comparison. While speed secondaries do go higher than 15 I believe we can all agree you should never be questioning if something is better than a mod with+15 or more speed.

SWGoH Mod Stats

In summary if you have a mod that started with speed and hit it a second time, that speed increase is more valuable than virtually any other mod you may have in your inventory. So keep it and use it well. If speed only landed a single time, well that speed is still better than most mods that hit once, and at the very least is a good mod for a secondary character.


By Sparrow
BHG Black Sun Guild Officer
Gaming-fans.com Staff Writer

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