Star Wars Force Arena is Calling it Quits

Star Wars Force Arena

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Star Wars gaming fans! Today we bring you some fantas… wait, what? The ugly world of Mobile Gaming is rearing its ugly head today as news broke last night that Star Wars Force Arena is closing their doors. On their 3rd-party gaming community site, SWFA’s CM Paul posted the following in their “Service Termination Notice.”

When we launched Star Wars™: Force Arena nearly two years ago, we aimed to provide the best and most immersive Star Wars experience possible for mobile gamers. The game featured iconic Star Wars™ characters and locations that transported us all to a galaxy far far away. Unfortunately, the time has come for us to part ways, and we need to make the difficult decision to end support for Star Wars™: Force Arena.

All use of real money for Star Wars Force Arena has concluded allowing players to continue to use their crystals and credits that they have already accumulated. The game will no longer be available for play after March 19, 2019.

As a former SWFA player who was fairly active in the game, this is indeed a sad day. However, as I wrote in October, this is not a surprise to me as SW Force Arena was not on the same level as other games I play. That having been said, the Star Wars fan and gamer in me is quite disappointed to see the game, and worse yet, the community, no longer getting any support as the game many have invested time and money into will no longer be available in a few short months.

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